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15 Unconventional Uses for Printers

When many of us decide to buy a laser printer, we usually buy it for printing simple and common documents. Some of us probably use our printers to print out boarding passes, concert tickets or recipes. Others might use it for school assignments or work documents. If you work in an office environment, you are no stranger to surface work with industrial printers.

What would you do if I told you that your printer is capable of doing more than the average print job? You can use your printer to create a variety of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and even build custom parts for a variety of objects. Why keep your printer doing normal print jobs when it can do so much more?

Traditional uses of printers

Traditional uses of printers

People use their printers to print documents from their devices for a variety of reasons. Some people use color printers to print artwork and other images. While most printers perform the most basic printing tasks efficiently, different classes of printers have different capabilities. We buy the product that best accomplishes the tasks we need to accomplish.

Printers come in a variety of styles, features, and print types. Depending on the printer you purchased, the printing tasks it can perform vary. Therefore, the traditional use of a printer varies from printer to printer. The average household typically owns a multifunction printer (MFP), inkjet printer, or laser printer.

Multifunction printer

The MFP is an all-in-one printer. They can print, fax, scan and copy anything you need. These printers are great for those of us who work from home and need a printer capable of a variety of tasks. They can print just about anything and offer a copier, scanner, fax and printer all in one for the best prices.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers work by jetting material (usually paper) with ink. These printers are great for printing smaller images and documents. While they do have faster print speeds, they’re not ideal for heavy use. These are ideal if you need a printer but don’t want to use it for long periods of time. They print forms and other documents well in an office environment.

Laser printer

Laser printer use toner or powder instead of ink to create documents. Therefore, they are the best printers for situations where high-volume printing is required. If you need to print 100 flyers as quickly as possible, a laser printer is best for the job.

15 Unconventional Uses for Printers

The main consensus on printers is that we mostly use them to print documents and some photos. We print these documents on traditional 8.5″x11″ paper, but the printer is capable of printing more than just paper. Let’s take a look at some of these unconventional but fun ways to use your printer.

  1. Pinhole camera
  2. Print camera hood
  3. Poster Size Prints
  4. Custom package
  5. Children’s games and masks
  6. Sticker
  7. Temporary tattoo
  8. Greeting card
  9. Create stationery
  10. Zoom in on old photos
  11. Paint chips
  12. Permanent decals
  13. T-shirt design
  14. Print art
  15. Calico

Make your own pinhole camera

I will not trick you. This DIY project surprised me at first, but you can use a laser printer to make a pinhole camera. Follow this guide and its instructions to create a working pinhole camera using just your printer. Impress your friends or kids with this fun and easy printable.

Create your own camera lens hood

In keeping with the camera theme, you can also create camera lens hoods. Instead of waiting for expensive plastic molds to arrive, you can quickly and easily print out a portable shade to take with you when you need it. This guide provides everything you need.

Create poster-sized prints

Instead of forcing the image to fit within the 8.5″x11″ paper, why not try multiple page printing? Take your image or banner and print it on several separate sections. Then all you have to do is put them together like your own puzzle. Multi-page printing also offers a great artistic aesthetic with separate images.

Customize different packages

Are you having a party soon and want to personalize a cute bag for your guests? Measure the length and width of the bag, create the design, put the bag in the printer and print as normal. Your personalized bag will be the envy of the party. For a complete guide, check out Damask Love’s blog.

Printable Fun Kids Games and Masks

Do you have kids who need immediate attention or something to do? Why not find some coloring pages, activities, games or masks for them to play with? A quick search can take you to countless websites offering free pages to print and entertain your kids for hours.

Print fun stickers for everyone

Stickers are a fun and creative way for kids to express interest. Using A4 sticker or label paper, you can print out stickers for your kids to enjoy and watch as they appear in random places around your home. The sticker possibilities are endless.

Design Your Own Temporary Tattoos

Before deciding on a penetrating tattoo, why not first create a temporary tattoo with your printer. With temporary tattoo paper, you can try out any of your tattoo ideas and find the one that works best for you. This DIY is great for all ages.

Create your own greeting cards

Instead of spending money on a generic $4 greeting card, create a more personal, meaningful message. You can find stencils online and use traditional paper, or you can buy greeting card stock, which will have more of the beauty and feel of a greeting card.

Print custom stationery for any occasion

If you own a small business, charity, club or just want to keep it for yourself, use your printer to make custom stationery. Create templates in a word processor, print multiple copies for later use, or save templates and write documents in them. Stationery is a great way to add an extra touch to your documents.

Zoom in on smaller photos

Zoom in on smaller photos

If you have a printer with built-in scanning, you can take an old photo that was printed and enlarge it. Most printouts come with this feature preloaded, so be sure to check the settings. If not, you can easily take a photo with a DSLR camera and print it to a large size that way. Greeting Island is a great place to start.

Customize Greetings with Paint Chips

Follow in the footsteps of photographer Ann Lang as you create personalized cards for any occasion using paint chips you can find at a paint store. Whether you’re moving or inviting people to a party, printing on paint chips is a fun and unique way to try them out.

Add permanent decals to objects

With Waterslide Decal Sheets, you can add printed decals to almost anything! Print your design on special paper, as close as possible, stick to the object, moisten with warm water and wipe off any residue. You can create custom plates, bowls, vases and more.

Design your own t-shirt

Have you ever seen something and thought, “I’m going to wear this as a shirt?” By using iron-on transfers or heat transfers, you can easily create shirt designs. Print and iron the design on paper as usual. The heat will transfer the image to your t-shirt and now you can wear that new t-shirt design you’ve always wanted.

Printed art pattern

Some people like to print artwork they find online, or even images of themselves. Once printed, people tend to reject the glossy finish. Instead, try printing on canvas paper and give your images a different aesthetic. Keep in mind that this method works best with inkjet printers.

Create Custom Burlap Prints

As you’ve probably guessed by now, you can use almost anything in a printer and get amazing things, but have you ever tried printing burlap or other fabrics through your printer? Using burlap and freezer paper, you can mostly use your printer to create beautiful home decorations.

Different Printers and Their Benefits

Because of the variety of printer types and their capabilities, it can be difficult to determine which printer you should buy.

Multifunction printer

MFP is best for home office, small business or personal use. They combine some useful features at a more affordable price than buying everything separately. Most MFPs have built-in printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers. Although, you can find ones with other features too. If you need a single printer for one job, an MFP is your best choice.

Laser printer

For offices where multiple people print or need to print quickly, laser printers work well. Laser printers work by applying toner to large areas of the paper at once. Laser printer cost more initially, but toner is a cheaper alternative to ink cartridges.

Inkjet Printers

If you just need a printer that can print, an inkjet printer is for you. These simple and affordable printers offer decent print quality and can handle some of the more complex color print jobs. They are much faster now than before. While inkjet printers are the most affordable option, they tend to cost more over time because premium ink can become more expensive compared to toner.

solid ink printer

Solid ink printers are a new technology that has become popular recently. Unlike most printers that use liquid ink, solid ink printers use solid ink blocks that melt when used. This technique allows for higher quality prints, offering brighter and more vibrant colors. Even basic black and white prints are better than expected. For the eco-centric, “ink sticks” are often made with non-toxic vegetable oils.

While these printers are great, they also have drawbacks. Since the ink will melt and re-solidify, you can’t laminate the pages or expose them to high temperatures. The heat will remelt the ink. Also, the printer needs time to warm up, so there may be some delays when printing.

Photo printer

For those photographers who want a printer that does the job justice, you’ll definitely want a photo printer. As the name suggests, these printers provide the best quality images for your photos.

Photo printers, also known as snapshot printers, provide the most brilliant, crystal clear, and high-definition prints. Most can connect wirelessly to your camera or other shooting device, allowing you to print directly from them.

Many photo printers use a printing method similar to inkjet printers. The slower methodological approach gives the printer more control over each pixel. To get the best quality images, photo printers use more ink than usual.

A3 size printer

If you have a larger business, an A3 size printer is a must. They print larger format sizes and can print at faster speeds. Due to their larger size, A3 printers are the most expensive option, but if you need to print larger documents at a faster rate, the investment is worth it.

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Printers are more than just print and go. While we all love them for their traditional uses, printers can do so much more than that. Take your time and experiment. These 15 unconventional printer tricks are a surefire way to impress your friends, family, and kids. Create a printable camera, or make your own custom bags, tattoos and stickers. The possibilities are endless.

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