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2023 Printer Shortages and Low Toner, Ink, and Paper: Everything You Need to Know

Three years after COVID restrictions brought global supply chains to a standstill, printer shortages, manufacturers are still struggling to meet consumer demand for printers, ink and toner.

Global chip shortage in wake of pandemic

In 2021 and 2022, shortages of printers and printing supplies have been blamed on trucking delays and backlogs at shipping ports. But as the shipping industry slowly recovers, printer makers face other problems.

A shortage of computer chips, the printed circuit boards that power electronics, has slowed production of printers, ink and toner this year. Political tensions between the United States and China have led to economic restrictions on Chinese chipmakers, forcing electronics manufacturers to look elsewhere for supplies.

In addition, labor shortages and shortages of raw materials mean that there will be a global shortage of semiconductor computer chips until at least 2024.

Is another ink and toner shortage on the horizon?

Consumers may find printing supplies more plentiful as existing inventory reaches retailers. But print manufacturers still need help meeting future product demands. Another ink and toner shortage could be looming, so stock up on as much as you can.

The Roots of the Printer Shortage

Supply chain disruptions abound in the wake of the COVID pandemic, and the print supply industry is no exception.

Printer out of stock, folks, let’s find out why printers are out of stock everywhere!

What you need to know:

  • Supply chain delays and manpower shortages are affecting all areas of manufacturing and distribution, disrupting inkjet printer supply and printer delivery dates.
  • 38% of Small Businesses Report U.S. Supply Shortages (U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Printing consumables such as paper, ink and toner are also in high demand.
  • The outage affected the supply of printers from HP, Canon and Epson, and caused a shortage of Brother printers.
  • Many toner and ink cartridges have been detained due to backlogs at U.S. ports.
  • The estimated value of out-of-stock items due to the COVID -19 pandemic is $1.14 trillion. (Why are all the printers sold out? Printer makers are as unhappy about current supply delays as customers are.)
  • 12% of retailers worldwide are currently reporting severe supply chain disruptions.
  • 64% of e-commerce businesses face supply chain disruption.
  • 28% of global retailers report item shortages and out-of-stocks.
  • 42% of all containers arriving in the U.S. come from China.
  • China has seven of the world’s ten largest container ports.
  • These global delays are expected to impact this year’s holiday shipping season and continue into 2023.

Supply chaing management response to COVID19

Why is the printer out of stock?

You may have seen some signs of a slowdown in the supply chain.

Some products are missing from grocery and retail stores. Where are all the office supplies? Is there a shortage of printers? Why is printer ink in short supply?

Online orders come with an “Expected Delay” shipping warning. The USPS recommends sending holiday cards and packages early in the year.

Supply chain delays are also affecting the paper, ink and toner industry. In some cases, products were not produced fast enough.

Other times, containers full of needed printing supplies sit at loading docks due to labor shortages.

People looking to buy an Epson Eco-Tank printer have been scratching their heads – is the Epson ET-15000 discontinued, or can you find an Epson ET-15000 in stock?

We live in chaotic times, and it can be hard to find Epson printers in stock — as well as other major printer makers.

HP Ink Shortages Are Affecting Inkjet Printer Owners Worldwide…and HP Ink Shortages 2020 May Last Until 2023!

What the hell is going on with supply chain delays?

While the COVID pandemic appears to be loosening its grip around the world, it has left a turbulent economic wake.

Once upon a time, back in 2019, there was a surge of capital flowing into global manufacturing.

Raw materials—from metal ore to wood—are harvested in remote parts of the planet and shipped to processing plants (or a series of manufacturing plants, depending on the end product).

Ultimately, these raw materials are turned into usable commodities — microchips and rolls of paper — before being shipped to manufacturers around the world. Manufacturers transform these refined raw materials into products that are then sold to distributors or even directly to consumers.

In order to get the product to the consumer, there is a process, a series of steps. This process applies to nearly every industry, from apparel to petroleum to replacement ink cartridges for printers.

Then the 2020 COVID pandemic hit the world. Raw material suppliers were forced to shut down or significantly reduce production. When those businesses began to reopen, they were slow to do so and with reduced workforces.

But demand for raw materials is at an all-time high, and they simply cannot maintain the supply they need.

What are the reasons for the shortage of printers and printing supplies?

Raw material shortages are only one factor contributing to supply chain shortages.

The New York Times examines the causes and effects of current supply chain shortages and finds that manpower shortages and poor transportation have affected every industry, including paper, ink and toner businesses.

Freight increase

ING said that while shipping delays are expected to decrease by 2023, freight rates will remain high due to increased operating costs and unstable supply chains.

In 2020, CNBC reported that freight costs have skyrocketed.

Before COVID, it cost about $1,500 to ship a container from Shanghai to Los Angeles. By 2021, that cost has increased 20-fold (!) to nearly $30,000.

Even with the massive increase in costs, there are still not enough empty containers to ship.

Backlog of cargo at ports explains global printer and printing supplies shortage

Why is there a printer shortage? Why is HP ink out of stock everywhere? When will Brother printers be available? One factor in the slowdown in supply chains is the backlog of cargo at ports around the world.

Toner Shortage

There are a lot of toner cartridges going around…but they’re stuck in a container at a shipping dock somewhere.

The Guardian reports that all U.S. ports are backlogged with shipments that need to be distributed, with deliveries delayed for months due to COVID-related staff shortages.

Even when the goods are sorted, there is no one to get them where they need to go.

There aren’t enough truck drivers moving supplies across the country the way they used to. The lack of qualified truck drivers is not just an American problem. A shortage of truck drivers has also slowed deliveries in Germany and the UK.

Why are so many printers out of stock? Why is my printer no longer available?

The answers to these questions lie on the docks of the bay.

Ink Shortage

Why is the printer low on ink?

Printer ink shortages will occur in 2023 as the global ink supply has been disrupted in several different ways.

Printing inks use ethanol in the manufacturing process, but many ethanol shipments were diverted and used to make hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies, especially early in the pandemic.

For example, Polymer Group began mass-producing hand sanitizer using its ink-making facility, InkWorld reported.

Not only are there shortages of printer ink, but also inks and dyes used in textiles, product packaging and paints, causing manufacturing delays in all of these industries.

If you’ve ever wondered “Why is my printer out of ink?” you’re not alone when the HP printer ink shortage problem is over! Due to high demand and limited supply, some ink manufacturers are limiting the amount of ink that screen printers and product manufacturers can buy.

Paper Shortage

Out of paper?

You bet there is.

The printing paper shortage in 2023 or the global paper shortage in 2023 is real and it is unlikely to end anytime soon. The paper industry is also facing supply chain shortages that began before the pandemic.

There are several reasons for the paper shortage in 2023. A large portion of paper comes from China. But in recent years, the Chinese government has enacted stricter environmental policies, forcing paper companies to cut production or shut down. These policies are good for the environment, but lead Chinese papermakers to limit production.

Furthermore, when the pandemic hit, many papermakers turned their attention to the production of paperboard rather than printing paper.

After all, with everyone working from home and online sales booming, shippers need cardboard boxes.

But now that the pandemic is ebbing—or at least entering a more manageable phase—papermakers are having a hard time meeting the new demand for printable paper. The result is a shortage of office paper, including shortages of copy paper and shortages of printer paper.

Printer Shortages

In addition to the shortage of paper and printing supplies, printers are also in short supply.

Why are there no printers in stock? For many of the same reasons that ink and toner are in short supply.

Southeast Asia, where most consumer printers are manufactured, has a shortage of computer chips and a pandemic-related slowdown.

As a result, it is difficult for retailers to keep printers in stock.

Look around at the empty shelves of Staples and Office Max. You’ll stretch your head and ask, “Why are all the printers out of stock? Why are printer inks out of stock everywhere?”

Empty shelves are covered with handwritten signs — “This printer is currently unavailable.”

The severe shortage of printers in 2020 and the shortage of printers in 2021 – including inkjet printer shortages (ink shortages in 2021!) and laser printer shortages – may continue until 2023.

We like to give names more importance by capitalizing the first letter! satisfy!

Need Staff

Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and have had to find other ways to earn a living. Many people did not return to work after COVID restrictions were lifted, leading to a global manpower shortage.

UKG reports severe post-pandemic manufacturing labor shortage. There simply isn’t enough staff to bring all systems back to pre-COVID speed and efficiency.

This is especially problematic in the transportation and logistics sector, which currently lacks qualified truck drivers.

Lack of truck drivers is another reason for ink, toner and printer shortage

A lack of qualified truck drivers is another factor slowing down the supply chain.


Buy a new printer for ink or toner

Some people find a solution to their ink cartridge shortage by simply buying a new printer.

Does the printer come with ink when you buy it?

Yes they have!

Unfortunately, many printers come with a “starter cartridge” that will print fewer pages than a new full-capacity OEM cartridge. Still, few pages are better than no pages, so in a pinch, you can buy an inexpensive new printer to temporarily address cartridge shortages.

However, finding new printers can be challenging amid a global printer shortage—there is a limited supply of printers in stock.

What about a printer that doesn’t use ink?

An inkless printer is a printer that does not use ink cartridges. Instead, they use special thermal paper that responds to the printer’s electrical impulses to create printed images. Finally, a printer that never runs out of ink!

While no-ink printers are environmentally friendly, they’re still pretty expensive, and supplies aren’t widely available. You can’t use standard paper in an inkless printer – you have to buy specially designed thermal paper.

Like inkless printers themselves, “thermal paper” can be hard to find at the best of times. Current supply chain delays are making it more difficult to locate inkless printers and the paper they require.

For this reason, ink-free printers are not a viable solution to the current cartridge shortage – inkjet and laser printer supplies will once again be plentiful when inkless and inkless printers become widely available.

When will supplies be available again?

According to media reports, supply chain disruptions are likely to get worse before they get better. As the global economy recovers, supply delays will become increasingly apparent.

How to avoid printer and printing supplies shortages?

Order sooner rather than later… order from WEEMAY for the lowest prices on branded ink and toner cartridges.

Depending on what supplies you’re looking for, this can help you stay a step ahead and prepare for any delays that may occur in 2023.

According to BCI, 19.6% of retailers plan to increase inventory, while 26.9% plan to switch suppliers.

Finances Online recently surveyed business owners on how they are handling supply chain disruptions.

  • 60% believe businesses should improve effectiveness and efficiency
  • 22% support new business models or reimagine traditional business plans
  • 18% believe businesses should be resilient while adapting to market turmoil

It’s a good idea to order early and stock up on your supplies so you can avoid delays.

But, frankly – articles like this one that try to shed light on supply chain delays can sometimes make the problem worse. This will lead to higher demand and additional delays if everyone follows the “early and early” advice.

Better advice might be to get what you need, save what you have, and keep calm until supply chain and shipping delays are resolved in the second half of 2023.

The best advice is to save ink and toner on hand.

Looking for a printer that doesn’t use a lot of ink?

Chances are you already have one.

You can save considerable ink and toner by choosing to print in grayscale in the printer setup menu. Store your toner cartridges properly and try these fonts to reduce ink and toner consumption. Treat your inks and toners like precious commodities—and they really are!

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