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Are all DYMO labels the same?

Why do you need special labels for your DYMO printer? Which labels are compatible with your DYMO printer model? Are all “compatible” labels the same?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, you’re finally about to get answers. Continue reading for FAQs, and more.

Labels for Dymo labelwriter printers

DYMO Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re running out of labels for your DYMO label printer, read these common questions before stocking back up.

How do DYMO LabelWriter printers work?

DYMO label printers utilize direct thermal printing technology. Using a thermal print head, the chemically treated labels blacken into the shape of your image or text on contact. They don’t need ink, toner, or ribbons to operate.

How are labels used differently by DYMO printers versus other direct thermal printers?

DYMO printer compatible labels have an oblong hole cut between each label. These index holes or registration marks tell the printer where one label stops and the next begins. They’re required for the labels to feed and print correctly. Without them, the printer’s photo sensor may trigger a “printer is out of paper” error.

Labels for DYMO LabelWriter printer

Labels for DYMO LabelWriter printer; with eyelet oblong cut out.

What is a good direct thermal printer option besides DYMO brand?

Direct thermal printers are small and fast by nature, but there are several other reliable brands on the market. Zebra produces various models for ecommerce businesses, as does Rollo and Brother DK.

Are there different types of labels for DYMO printers?

Labels compatible with DYMO printers can come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. They can be switched in and out of the printer based on your use and any required characteristics.

For instance, we manufacture a standard white material as well as a removable one (a popular choice among Amazon FBA sellers). We also offer a weatherproof / waterproof option for applications that come into contact with moisture for water or frequent and heavy handling.

How do I know which material I need?

Skip down to our Material Selection Guide, a series of tables designed to help you decide just that.

Can I use DYMO label materials outside?

Unfortunately, no direct thermal label materials are made for long-term outdoor use. Because direct thermal printers and labels use heat to create your image, the sun will have the same effect, darkening your entire label.

If you’re looking for a label that will last outdoors, changing to a thermal transfer printer and using thermal transfer labels will yield better results.

Do you offer the same size label I’m currently using?

More than likely. Visit our DYMO Cross-Reference Chart or keep reading to see which label sizes we carry.

Why choose WEEMAY Labels’ DYMO printer compatible labels over the DYMO brand labels available at office supply stores?

We use only the highest quality materials, continually test our products, and are always looking for new materials and services we can offer to benefit you. We want to make your time with us and our labels as quick and easy as possible.

That’s also why we have no minimum order quantity requirements, a “no hassle” return policy, create custom sizes for you upon request, ship out our products same-day if possible, and offer award-winning customer service. Not to mention, the 40-90% savings you’ll receive when purchasing our products.

How can you offer the lowest priced DYMO compatible labels?

Because we manufacture our labels in-house, there’s no markup from office supply stores or distributors along the way. We cut out the middleman so we can pass on the savings to you.

How do you load labels into a DYMO printer?

Next time you need to insert a roll of DYMO compatible labels into your printer, follow these easy steps.

  1. Open the cover of your LabelWriter printer.
  2. Press the label eject button if you have labels still in the feed slot.
  3. Remove the end of the spool so you can discard the finished core.
  4. Insert the new roll onto the spool, matching the directional white arrow printed on the inside of the spool.
  5. Replace the end of the spool, sliding it until it’s firmly pressed against the edge of the label roll.
  6. Unroll the labels and insert the loose end into the feed path. Press the LED button for the printer to automatically adjust the position of the label within the feed path and feed the first label.
  7. Check the orientation of the labels to ensure they’re correct for printing (facesheet-side down, liner-side up).
  8. Adjust the label guide to fit snugly against your label roll (if applicable).
  9. Close the cover.

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