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Are you Finding Printers For Crafting?There’s a Recommendation

Nowadays, more and more people are unleashing their creativity in crafting, designing their own greeting cards, selling digital art and stickers, or even making fun family games at home. There’s no doubt that printing is a huge part of the industry. This post will explain what to look out for and some of our top recommendations. We’ve covered some of the best printers for card printing, including Canon printers.

Different with getting one printer to cover all grounds, usually, crafting requires a high GSM support, we recommend something capable of 300gsm. A few more things to look out for are the printer sizes, amount of inks taken and the Dots-Per-Inch (DPI).

Canon PIXMA TS9550

As a hybrid home-office and crafting printer, The Canon PIXMA TS9550 has a small A4 Footprint and support card of up to 300gsm.

  • 50 Sheet A3 Rear Feed
  • A3 Printer With A4 Footprint
  • Suitable For Crafts Or Documents
  • 5 Ink System
  • Print Up To 300gsm

Canon PIXMA Pro-200

There are also higher-end printers available for those with an already established crafting business. The Canon PIXMA Pro-200 is a brilliant printer for aspiring photographers or budding artists looking to sell their prints.

  • Print Up To 380gsm
  • 8 Dye-Based Inks
  • Wide Range Of Card Support

Canon PIXMA G650

For a home with a large volume of printing needs, the PIXMA G650 is a perfect choice. Crafting can get expensive on the running costs, especially when doing full-size borderless prints for paper crafting templates or board games.

  • Low Running Costs
  • 6 Dye-Based Inks
  • High Colour Accuracy

Have you found best choice of printers for crafting for you?





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