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Are You Plan to Buy a Printer for Office?You Need this Guidance.

In order to find out the best choice to the printer for office, we should pay attention to several types of the printer as follow. I’d like to introduce 3 types of printers, including inkjet Printers, laser Printers and supertank printers.

Inkjet printers use ink to print on various types of paper. It is most common to be used for printing on different paper types and sizes, such as business envelopes, lables and so on. Laser printers use toner and static electricity to transfer text onto paper. It is designed to print large volumes quickly and at a low cost per page. Supertank priters use high-capacity cartridges to save time, and it is a new inkjet option.

We can choose different printers according to different scale of our office.

Home Office

For home office, in which up to 5 people use the priter. The recommended print volume is up tp 2,000 pages per month. The best printer choice might be a small volume one with premium price and quality. So, in home and small office, Inkjet priter is common.

Small to Medium-Size Businesses

For small to medium-size businesses, in which up to 10 people use the priter. The recommended print volume is up tp 5,000 pages per month. When choosing printers for this office type, we should focus on low cost per page and advanced security. A laser priter can satisfy small to medium-size businesses needs. Moreover, black-only printers can be a more affordable option if you only print text documents.


For Enterprise, in which the priter is up to 50 people use the priter. The recommended print volume is up tp 15,000 pages per month. In this situation, factors mentioned before should reach a higher level, and we will pay attention to advanced workflow capabilities besides.

Not only is it important to choose a suitable printer for office, but also we should use suitable printer supplies to support our business. WEEMAY offer printer supplies with premium quality and price, contact us if there is a need.

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