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Best Office Printers of 2023: Top 10 Features You Should Have in Your Copier

It’s 2023, which means a new year has begun! With the new year comes resolutions—like eating healthier, caffeine less and exercising more—but also brings new budgets and time to upgrade aging office technology. Whether your office copier has run its course, is too expensive to run, or it’s been a while since your last upgrade, and you want to make sure you have the latest and greatest features to keep your office running smoothly, we’ve got you covered ! Check out our list below of the top 10 features that make up the best printers for the office in 2023.

Top 10 Features Every Office Copier Should Have

2023 Best Printer for the Office Top 10 Features Your Copier Should Have

1. Secure print release

Since everyone in the office uses the same copier or printing device, printed documents can easily be taken by mistake by the wrong person. Not only is this frustrating and wasteful, but it can also be a huge potential problem if the printed document contains sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII). The best printers for the office in 2023 need secure print publishing capabilities. By using a secure print publishing feature, such as Secure Print on Xerox AltaLink copiers, users can send their print job to a multifunction copier and publish it using a password they create before they are physically at the printer. This ensures that they only publish documents for printing when they are at the device and ready to get them.

2. Safe, safe, safe! Built-in security features

By 2023, office printers and copiers will be a huge target for cybercriminals looking to infiltrate networks and steal valuable data. In fact, in a workplace printer security experiment, the CyberNews security team hijacked nearly 28,000 printers and forced them to print a 5-step guide on printer security. When determining the best printer for the office, it’s important to consider the built-in security features. For example, Xerox AltaLink 8100 series multifunction copiers have built-in security features such as Trusted Boot, which can protect the printer’s boot process from malicious operations; configure watchdog, monitor and automatically repair 75 key security settings to ensure security policy compliance ; a Trusted Platform Module (TMP) chip that stores encryption keys and prevents cybercriminals from tampering with the printer.

3. Scan to Email/Scan to File

In today’s workplace, you can easily scan documents into .pdf or .docx format and have them sent directly to your email or designated folder. In one easy step, you can basically do what you used to do on your computer, directly at your office copier.

4. Walk Sensor

To support sustainability efforts in your office, you don’t want to leave your copier running all the time. However, it doesn’t logically make sense to need to power up your device every time you want to use it, especially if it’s heavily used throughout the day. The best office printers should have an automatic sensor, such as Xerox’s Smart Proximity Sensor. Smart proximity sensors use reflective sensors to detect when a user approaches or moves away from a device. This feature provides user convenience and reduces power consumption. You can enable the device to wake and sleep based on user detection.

5. Organize Options

At the very least, you should be able to collate and staple the printed pages, saving you the time of manually putting printed booklets together. However, it’s important to consider what other types of finished documents do you outsource or manually organize that your office copier can help save you time? The best printer for the office lets you easily and seamlessly add finishing features like stapling, hole punching, booklet making, and even folding.

6. Duplex Automatic Document Feeder

Frustrated by slow scan and print speeds? Gone are the days of having to print one side of a page, reload the paper, and then duplex the other side. Standard office copiers today are equipped with a duplex automatic document feeder that automatically prints on both sides of a page — and it’s fast! Ensuring that your office copier has automatic two-sided printing will save you money and reduce wasted supplies.

Statisticians say the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year. If you can scan up to 4 times faster (30 seconds), you can save

  • 300,000 seconds
  • 5,000 minutes
  • 84 hours
  • 5 days

7. Mobile printing

Without a doubt, the best printers for the office are equipped with mobile printing capabilities. You need to make sure your office copier allows you to print virtually from anywhere—whether you want to print from your Android or iOS phone or tablet, or wirelessly send documents to your office multifunction copier. Make sure your office printer is fully equipped to print, scan and share with the cloud.

8. Ability to Run Printer Applications

Just like you install apps on your smartphone to increase productivity, your office copier should be able to run printer apps to do the same. Xerox’s ConnectKey application offers a range of proprietary and third-party applications, each of which can simplify or automate tasks, saving your business time and money. You can scan to the cloud, translate documents into other languages, convert hardcopy documents into audio files, convert handwritten notes into digital text, and more! There are applications for every industry, including healthcare, education, and law.

9. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Function

When considering the best printer for your office, you want to make sure that the multifunction copier you choose has optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities. The OCR feature converts any printed characters in a document into digital text so you can edit it. If you are using any kind of document management software, then this is definitely a vital feature so that you can search your documents in the database.

10. Auto Replenishment

How many times have you walked up to the copier to pick up a printed document only to find an error message saying you’re out of toner? Right now you’re either running to the nearest Staples or Office Depot to pick one up, unless you can somehow wait for the new shipment to arrive. If your printer doesn’t have toner, it’s basically unable to print. Bad downtime! Even the best office printer won’t help if you don’t have the supplies to power the printer, but having spares on hand can get expensive. This is where auto-supply supplies come in! Working with a managed print service (MPS) and copier service provider like Parmetech means you no longer have to keep track of your supplies. Your printer is set up to communicate directly with our team and your toner is automatically ordered and shipped to you, labeled with the correct end user location.

Make sure you have the best printer for the office in 2023

A new year means new beginnings and new technologies! If you’re looking to buy a new office copier this year, make sure you’re choosing the best office-friendly printer that’s packed with all the top-of-the-line features to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently.

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