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Inventory of Common Consumables for Printers and Copiers!

Office equipment such as copiers and printers have become an indispensable part of the office. After purchasing the equipment, the most expensive thing is the consumables. Normally, in order not to affect work, some commonly used consumables will be kept in the office. What are the commonly used consumables for printing equipment(printers and copiers)? Today I will take stock of some common consumables for printing equipment.

Toner Cartridge

Also known as photosensitive drum, it is a basic base material generally made of aluminum and is used in laser printers, copiers, and laser all-in-one machines. Each machine requires a different toner cartridge.

Powder Warehouse

It is used in laser printers, copiers, and laser all-in-one machines. It is actually a part of the toner cartridge. It only contains toner and has no photosensitive components. It is the powder part of a drum-toner separate printer.

Ink Cartridge

It is a component used in inkjet printers, inkjet fax machines, and all-in-one machines to store printing ink and ultimately complete printing.

Toner Powder

You can buy the powder in the toner cartridge or powder bin separately and add powder to the toner cartridge or powder bin yourself. The powder corresponding to each type of toner cartridge may be different.


The liquid part of the ink cartridge can be purchased separately and filled into the ink cartridge yourself.


Consumable media independent of the device, it can be divided into printing paper, color inkjet paper, high-gloss photo paper and sulfuric acid paper.

Ribbon Frame and Ribbon

It is used in dot matrix printers, using the dot matrix striker in the dot matrix printer head or the letter striker in the English typewriter to hit the printing ribbon to produce a printing effect on the printing paper.

The above is the common consumables for printing equipment. You can also take the opportunity to check whether there are enough spares. If they are insufficient, you must replenish them in time.



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