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Compatible D1 Standrad Labels 45013

Compatible Dymo D1 Standrad Labels 45013 S0720530 Tape , Black on White, 12mm x 7m (1/2Inch x 23Ft)

D1 Standrad Labels 45013

Applicable Models: D1 Standrad Labels 45013

Compatible with Dymo d1 Label Maker: DYMO LabelManager 160, PnP, 210D, 220P, 260P, 280, 360D, 420P, 450D, 500TS, 100, 150, PC II, DYMO LabelPoint 100, DYMO LabelPoint 150, DYMO LabelPoint 350, DYMO LabelWriter 400 Duo, DYMO LabelWriter 450 Duo, etc.

D1 Standrad Labels 45013

Easy to Peel:
Split backing for simple application, dymo label maker refills are easy to peel.No sticky residue when removed.Replace dymo d1 Label Tape can adheres to most clean, flat surfaces including plastic, paper, metal, wood and glass.

Long Lasting & Durable:
Direct thermal printing technology, Compatible dymo s0720530s refills Laminated Tape -which makes it durable even in harsh conditions. Strong adhesion, water-resistant, fading-resistant, abrasion-resistant,chemical-resistant, higher or lower temperature-resistant as well as grease-resistant.Perfect for Indoor and outdoor use

Powerful Functions:
Compatible 45013s dymo tape are widely used in school, home, office,,factory, warehouse,supermarket,hotel, lab,ect.Compatible Dymo 45013 black on white tape are Idea for labeling items where you need some information,like cups, DVDs, light switches, file folders, containers, cables, flowerpot,files, folders, shelves, books, accessories and more.Make your life more easier and effcient,things be organized and tidy with 45013 labeling

Products List For Compatible Dymo D1 Standard Labels:

Black on Clear4361040910450104580053710
Blue on Clear4361140911450114580153711
Red on Clear4361240912450124580253712
Black on White4361340913450134580353713
Blue on White4361440914450144580453714
Red on White4361540915450154580553715
Black on Blue4361640916450164580653716
Black on Red4361740917450174580753717
Black on Yellow4361840918450184580853718
Black on Green4361940919450194580953719
White on Clear4362040920450204581053720
White on Black4362140921450214581153721
Black on Silver4362240922450224581253722
Black on Gold4362340923450234581353723
Gold on Black4362440924450244581453724

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Accomplish the hundreds of tasks well around the office or home, such as filing, storage, and asset management, For quality labeling of your files, folders, shelves, books, accessories and more.
Meet all use of indoor labeling requirements. Also suitable for some Industrial occasions, warehouse, Chemistry laboratory, schools, labs, hotels and hospitals. Make your things all be tidy, be clear at a glance.

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