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Weemay Compatible Brother DK 22205 Thermal Labels

DK labels can be used for envelope and parcel shipping labels, identifying the contents of file folders, temporary and indoor signage. Perfect for barcode labels, visitor and exhibition badges, food packaging and other retail uses. It including DK die cut and continuous length labels. DK2205 DK 22205 Thermal labels is the best selling.

DK2205 Labels packing

Compatible Brother DK2205 Continuous Length Paper Tape. This thermal DK Label requires no ink or toner and is black text on a white adhesive background. This continuous DK roll of adhesive backed white tape label is made to simply drop right in to any QL Brother printer, enabling you to determine the label’s specific length for your unique needs.

About This Item

  • Specification : 2-3/7″ x 100′(62mm x 30.48m)
  • Continuous length type, black print on white paper
  • 100% Compatible – For Brother Thermal Label Printer: QL-500, QL-500A, QL-500BS, QL-500BW, QL-550, QL-560, QL-560VP, QL-560YX, QL-570, QL-580, QL-580N, QL-650TD, QL-700, QL-710W, QL-720NW, QL-800, QL-810W, QL-820NWB, QL-1050, QL-1050N, QL-1060N, QL-1100, QL-1110NWB

Weemay Compatible DK22205 Thermal Labels Advantage

  • Environmental protection raw material BPA free
  • With frame, detachable, reusable
  • Strong adhesive and long lasting
  • Scratches resistant/grease resistant/water resistant crisp text
  • 100% compatible with Brother QL label printer.
  • Safe patented products
  • Cost effective price
  • Accept customized package, color and size

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  • Additional 1% will be send freely as backup for batch products(over 1000 PCS per model)
  • With stock, ready to ship, support same day dispatch
  • Discount and coupon periodically.

By choosing compatible Brother DK 22205 thermal labels rolls, you can be assured of high quality printing, and full compatibility with your Brother QL label printer at competitive price.

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