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DYMO Letratag Label Maker: 5 Simple Steps for Load Tape Into DYMO Machine

DYMO sells a great variety of label making products that can be used at home or in the office. With label tape cassettes, customers have the option of using different colors, widths and styles of labels to meet their various labeling needs. Once your DYMO LetraTag label maker runs out of labels, a new label tape cassette needs to be loaded. In this article, we’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to load tape into DYMO label maker.

Step 1 – Open the Tape Cassette Cover

Push down on the tape cassette cover located at the top of the label maker where the words “DYMO” are. Release it so the cover flips open.

Note: If there is a cardboard piece in the exit slot, which is the area next to the cutter, remove it prior to opening the tape cassette cover.

Step 2 – Remove the Empty Tape Cassette

Dymo letratag label printer 2

Remove the empty tape cassette by grabbing it on both sides and pulling it up and out.

Step 3 – Load the New Tape Cassette

Dymo letratag label printer 3

Load the new tape cassette into the open area of the label maker. It will fit like a puzzle piece between the print head and the pinch roller. Press gently and firmly on the center of the cassette until you hear a slight click into place indicating the label tape cassette has been placed into the machine properly.

Step 4 – Close the Tape Cassette Cover

Dymo letratag label printer 4

Close the tape cassette cover and press On/Off button to turn on the power.

Step 5 – Print a Test Label

Dymo letratag label printer 5

Print a test label to make sure the tape cassette is properly placed inside and facing the correct direction, and that your label maker is functioning correctly.

The DYMO LetraTag label maker allows you to create a variety of high-quality, self-adhesive labels. You can choose to print your labels in many different font sizes and styles to make your labels personalized and help you stay organized. We hope you can learn something useful from the above step-by-step instructions on how to load tape into DYMO label maker. Moreover, once your DYMO label maker runs out of labels. You can also shop at TIANSE to buy a variety of compatible label tapes in different colors, widths and styles for DYMO LetraTag label makers. Not only can you get clear, quality labels with WEEMAY compatible label tapes to suit your labeling needs. But also you can enjoy some savings in the long run.

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