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The end of an era: Epson will no longer produce laser printers

Epson laser printer

The company plans to completely abandon laser printer hardware by 2026. And customers in these markets will continue to obtain consumables and spare parts until the business is completely abandoned in the future.

“In explaining these decisions, the company cited the greater potential of ink-jet and made meaningful progress in sustainability. After Epson stopped selling laser printer hardware. It will continue to support customers by providing consumables and repair parts,” Epson wrote in a press release.

The main reason for stopping supporting laser printers can’t be more simple:

the way ink-jet printers work enables Epson to focus on sustainable hardware. Especially because laser hardware consumes more energy and usually requires more consumable parts.

Koichi Kubota, the executive general manager of Epson’s sales and marketing department, explained that from now on, the printing business will focus entirely on ink-jet technology.

“We have long been committed to sustainable ink-jet technology. And now we have decided to gradually stop selling laser printer hardware. As a company, we are fully committed to sustainable innovation and action, and ink-jet printers use less energy and less consumables.” He said: “The working principle of the laser printer is to heat and melt the toner on the page. While Epson’s heartless ink-jet technology uses mechanical energy to directly jet ink onto the page, consuming less power.”

In fact, Epson’s own statistics show that ink-jet printers save more power than laser printers.

A study conducted by the company showed that in typical office use, the energy consumption of ink-jet printers was reduced by 85%. While the carbon dioxide generated was also reduced by 85%. This means that every six cedar trees need to absorb the amount of carbon dioxide generated by the use of laser printers, while Epson ink-jet printers only need one cedar tree.

However, another important difference for customers is that ink-jet printers require fewer consumables and parts. So in the long run, it is easier and more cost-effective to use this hardware than laser printers. This also means less downtime.

In terms of waste generation:

Epson believes that the ink-jet printer needs to replace fewer parts, making its operation more convenient. Because it only needs to replace ink and waste ink cartridges. While the laser printer needs to replace toner, drums, developer, fuses and more parts. Epson explained: “This is not a small detail, because compared with the laser printer. The number of replacement parts is reduced by 59%, which greatly reduces the impact of the printer on the environment during its life cycle.”

Not only Epson, but also possibly other parts of the printing industry. Epson’s competitors will almost certainly follow suit for a long time.

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