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How is A3 Paper Size Printing Benefits You?

A3 size paper is one of the most popular formats in the “A” series of paper, it is twice larger than A4 paper and its dimensions make it perfect for everyday use in both personal and professional projects. In this post, I’ll introduce how A3 paper size printing benefits your business. And introduce some popular printer item for your A3 paper size printing.

A3 Paper Size Printing Boost the Productivity

With higher volume print capacities when compared to A4 printers, an A3 printer can help users to tackle heavy workloads with ease.

A3 is versatile and an ideal size for small banner, posters signs, folded leaflets and menus. It’s also a practical, useful size to use as a valuable tool in any work arena.

Printing your large images on A3 ensures exceptional quality. Numerous professional photographers and graphic designers utilize A3 printers to produce high-resolution content, achieving a sharp finish on paper that matches the screen.

A3 Paper Size Printing Reduce the Cost

Adding an A3 printer to your workspace can prove highly advantageous in managing print costs.

With the capability to print larger formats in-house, businesses can avoid outsourcing services for larger prints, saving on outsourcing fees.Businesses can produce their own marketing materials in-house, reducing the need to rely on external agencies.

While the initial investment might be higher, owning an A3 printer can result in long-term savings compared to the cumulative costs of outsourcing.

How to Choose a A3 Paper Size Printer for Your Business?

There a wide range of printer models on the market. It can be hard to make a decision. So, we list popular option below.

As a market leader in printing technologies, Xerox A3 printers have produced cutting-edge results for several decades.

The AltaLink C8100 series is a scalable MFP series for medium to large organizations looking for color versatility and ways to increase productivity.

The AltaLink C8100 Series comes in 5 models which vary only in speed: C8130 (30 ppm), C8135 (35 ppm), C8145 (45 ppm), C8155 (55pp) and C8170 (70 ppm). This multifunction printer has time savings features that increase productivity and all major functions can be accessed right from the large color touch screen user interface.

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