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How Konica Minolta C360i Develop Relationships with Customer

The hot-selling Konica Minolta Multifunction Color bizhub C360i/C300i/C250i models are popular with the MPS and rental market sectors. It is a great showcase that low defect rates on the toners and spare parts are a great tool to develop strong relationships.

There are three common quality complaints that are a real headache for our customers: the developer units, the drum units and the primary charge rollers (PCRs).

The main reasons for headaches are as follows:

  • Blade: after the copier has worked for a long time, it builds up a lot of wastepaper dust and scraps. This is the main reason for damage to the transfer belt. In this case, you need to replace the blade in a timely manner.
  • Poor quality toner powder: it is true that such toners will leave more waste toner in the machine. Adding this to the usual paper dust and scraps can lead to a very big problem with the device.

Further, when you print in color, there is not just one toner being dumped in the machine, but four (CMYK). The trouble caused by poor-quality toners as well as normal wear and tear means that the transfer belt needs to be replaced.

The OPC drum is responsible for receiving the digital code from the device and transferring the image to be printed onto the paper.

The main reason for the problems here is OPC drum damage. So, how can you confirm whether the poor-quality prints are caused by the OPC drum or not? You can judge this by examining the printed page.

Note, it is different to A4 printers which have three revolutions of the drum for each page, resulting in three similar marks on the page.  With copiers, there are only two revolutions of the OPC per page, so the faults will only be seen twice.

The primary charge roller (PCR) is responsible for erasing the electronic image from the OPC drum. It is ready for a new electronic, digital image to be applied as the drum continues to revolve.

Remember the drum revolves twice for each page. As with the OPC drum, it can also leave marks on the page where the roller is worn or damaged.Because the PCR is much smaller and rotates many times, the fault will appear many more times on the page. There is a shorter distance between the faults on the print.

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