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How To Install A Chip To A New Compabible Toner Cartridge?

If you’ve purchased the compatible toner cartridge with no chip, you’ll need to transfer the chip from your original (OEM) cartridge to this compatible one. The chip is vital for your printer to communicate with the toner cartridge and provide low-ink notifications. Keep in mind that, since it’s a used chip, your printer display may show “empty” or “0” toner supply, even though the cartridge will still print its full page yield without affecting print quality. The chip can be reused multiple times.

For a step-by-step guide on chip transfer, please refer to our installation instructions or watch the video tutorial below.

Follow the video to install the chip

  1. Locate the smart chip, which will always be on the underside of the cartridge.Carefully use tweezers to install the OEM Chip into the non-chip toner cartridge.
    • Take out the chip from the OEM toner cartridge.
    • Insert the chip into the designated chip slot.
  2. Ensure the chip aligns with the middle line.
  3. Confirm that the chip is correctly installed in the proper orientation.

Always consult your printer’s manual or manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidance on replacing toner chips, as the process can vary between printer models.

How to deal with the old toner cartridge?

All have been done! Additionally, proper disposal and management of toner cartridges are essential for safeguarding the environment. Toner cartridges often contain hazardous materials that can harm ecosystems and human health if mishandled. We should deal with old toner cartridges in the proper way according to the article “What to Do with Old Toner Cartridges?”.


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