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How To Ship A Large Printer?

Shipping your business printer to a repair center or another office involves more than just securing a box and packing materials. Given its size and weight, shipping a large printer can be a complex undertaking.

Do You Need to Remove the Ink When Shipping Your Printer?

If you are to ship an inkjet printer, you don’t need to remove the ink cartridges if it is kept in an upright position during shipping. However, if the printer is a laser printer, you must remove the toner cartridges before shipping. Leaving ink or toner cartridges inside your printer during transportation can result in ink leaking from the cartridges; when cartridges are bumped or mishandled during shipping, they may get damaged or leak, potentially causing harm to other printer parts. Spilled ink can be challenging to clean up and has the potential to harm various components within the printer, such as rollers, seals, the drum, and fuser units.

protective packaging materials

You have the option to either pack the sealed ink cartridges together with your printer in the same box or send the cartridges separately. To do this, wrap the cartridges and toner using protective packaging materials. Place these items inside leak-proof plastic bags, and be sure to label each bag clearly with its contents. It’s essential to keep the cartridges in separate bags to prevent any ink leakage from one cartridge mixing with a different color cartridge-Mixing inks can lead to incorrect colors being printed.

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Packaging the Machine Properly

    1. Begin by removing any removable trays and paper from the device. Secure any drawers and permanent trays with tape to prevent movement during transit.
    2. After taping the machine, provide cushioning protection to guard against impacts during transportation. For tabletop printers/copiers, consider wrapping the machine in heavy-duty bubble wrap or flexible packaging foam.


  1. Place the wrapped device inside a heavy-duty corrugated shipping box. If you have the original box and packaging materials from the manufacturer, it’s ideal. If not, select a shipping box that is several inches larger in volume than the printer/copier. This extra space will allow you to add cushioning materials like bubble wrap, flexible foam, or crumpled newspaper around the perimeter for added protection.


  • Be cautious when choosing the type. Some tapes may leave stubborn adhesive residues, particularly if the machine is exposed to extreme heat or humidity during transportation.
  • At the same time, ensure the tape you select adheres well to the material of your machine. Inadequate adhesion can lead to the tape coming loose and providing no protection. If you’re uncertain about which tape to use, seek professional guidance from your local hardware or home improvement store.
  • Never use styrofoam “pop corn” or other small bits of styrofoam, even if inclosed in plastic baggies. They will find their way into the internals of the printer and will pick up static electricity making it very difficult to remove.


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