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This brand of copiers actually use waste materials?

WEEMAY report / Recently, Konica Minolta reiterated and emphasized the company’s “green management” concept. Use waste materials for copiers.

According to reports, Konica Minolta officially launched the “Sustainable Green Product Certification System” in 2017. The company actively explores the application of recycled materials and uses recycled PC/PET resin technology to upgrade and regenerate waste plastics to create composite machine fuselages, which can reduce environmental load while fully ensuring the quality of the fuselage.

Using recycled PC PET materials to build composite machine body

Using recycled PC/PET materials to build composite machine body

In addition, Konica Minolta’s toner bottles are made from waste milk plastic bottles converted into recycled HDPE resin, which not only reduces product costs but also reduces the burden of environmentally degradable plastics.

Using recycled HDPE material to make toner bottle

Using recycled HDPE material to make copiers toner bottle

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