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What to do with Konica Minolta’s machine failure? It may be reliable to use AR technology

Konica Minolta Office System (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Konica Minolta”) joined hands with AMA. A technology company that focuses on the development and integration of secure remote collaboration solutions.

Introduced its XpertEye remote collaboration system solution (hereinafter referred to as “XpertEye”). And provide more efficient and intelligent digital services to enterprise users.

Konica Minolta Printer

Konica Minolta users can use XpertEye to receive remote guidance through mobile phones

With the development and expansion of business scale, more and more enterprises focus on improving operational efficiency. Then expecting timely response to after-sales service and shortening the troubleshooting time of faulty equipment.

At the same time, in the context of normalized epidemic prevention and control. Contactless services have gradually become the mainstream trend.

As a result, Konica Minolta introduced XpertEye. Which aims to guide users and dealer partners to eliminate various faults online and remotely through AR collaboration technology.

The main technical functions of XpertEye include:

The collaboration scheme is deployed in the cloud. Which facilitates the smooth access of users through 4G and 5G terminals, and enables HD video calls;

  • With expert one button call response function, real-time high-definition picture quality and smooth voice dialogue can be achieved;
  • It can easily integrate XpertEye into existing SAP and ERP systems, reduce repetitive work, and achieve efficient operation and maintenance;
  • It can free hands, improve work efficiency and communicate in real time through the first perspective through intelligent glasses;
  • It can realize visual annotation and avoid misunderstanding, just like experts solving problems on the spot.

Mr. Hiroshi Tanyama, the head of the CX omnibus department of Konica Minolta, said that in order to solve the on-site problems of users and dealer partners more quickly.

The CX omnibus department will introduce AR cooperation technology in the 2022 fiscal year, improve the after-sales service response speed through XpertEye

And use AR technology to truly open the “first perspective” for remote experts, change the guidance mode that remote experts need to go to the site in traditional service scenarios

Subvert inefficient communication, Provide users with more efficient and high-quality services, and further improve their satisfaction and pleasure.

Respond quickly and solve user problems online

When receiving after-sales help from users, Konica Minolta 400 Remote Support can send an invitation link to users’ mobile phones through the invitation function of XpertEye if it is necessary to check the equipment and solve problems remotely.

400 Remote Support can confirm information to users online through real-time communication and AR marking, and guide them to solve problems in a timely manner.

Multi party assistance and remote guidance for difficult problems

If it is difficult to solve the problem at the moment and the dealer or local engineer is required to arrive at the site to deal with it. Konica Minolta’s technical support department can remotely initiate a meeting and invite relevant on-site personnel to participate in the online meeting of XpertEye.

Users can receive AR remote advanced guidance through their mobile device’s rear camera.

In case of problems that are difficult to solve. Some dealers or employees of the Customer Service Department of Konica Minolta CX General Department can use AR smart glasses to help show the “first perspective” for off-site engineers.

The on-site operators can repair and debug through the AR annotation of online experts, virtual whiteboard and other operation instructions. Greatly shorten the troubleshooting time within the “effective four hours” commitment, and effectively solve the user’s equipment failure problems.

Konica Minolta Technical Support Department

Konica Minolta Technical Support Department uses XpertEye Instruct the staff of Customer Service Department of Konica Minolta CX General Department or dealers to find out the problem in time

Konica Minolta expects that by introducing XpertEye. The response speed of after-sales service will be increased by 12 times and the fault handling efficiency will be increased by 6 times. At present, Konica Minolta is actively promoting the medium-term business plan of DX2022 (Digital Transformation 2022).

It committed to integrating the digital experience into Konica Minolta’s own production and operation. Provide users with more intelligent business solutions and more efficient digital services.

In the future, Konica Minolta will continue to use XpertEye to enable more enterprise application scenarios. Including remote technical support, remote OJT training, etc.

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