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Label printers B21 product design, emitting a classic retro flavor

Recently, portable label printers B21 have become popular among photography enthusiasts and organization diehards. Some can let you instantly print out photos to share with your friends, while others can print stickers and labels that you can attach to objects for identification or design.

The design of almost all these small printers clearly shows that they are related to computers or technology, and even try to attract more young customers with whimsical or eye-catching colors. This is what makes this label printer different.

It looks more like a miniature prop in an art deco film than a practical and geek thing.

Label Printer B21

In terms of design language, your brain will try to consider where the niimbot B21 thermal label printer is suitable. No matter whether you think it is a work of the 1930s or the 1950s, with some decorative art elements added, few people will think it is beautiful. It may be more beautiful than a printer.

label printer b21

B21 looks like a hybrid of typewriter, cash register and radio. And its luxury design is unique among the company’s other label printers. This printer is painted in smooth red, green or black, and a little gold or silver is added to several parts. For example, the front panel has power button and LED indicator light on it.And another name of the company is engraved on its face with stylized letters. There is also a lever on the side to open the printer and replace the label roll.

label printer b21

As a label printer, the function of niimbot B21 is not as exciting as its appearance.

Except for turning on or off the printer, all operations must be completed through a Bluetooth connected smartphone. There is no ink inside, which makes it safer to carry the printer. But it does use traditional thermal printing technology to print anything.

This is nothing new for people who print labels frequently. They may have fun from the unique design of B21. When the printer finally breaks down and cannot be used. It can still be used as an ornament on your desk and will continue to play its role in the next few years.

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