Zhuhai Weemay Print Imaging Products Co., Ltd.

Expert supplier for toner and label tape


Live Broadcast from General Manager of Weemay-Customers Gratitude & Membership Benefits


1. Achievement:

A. Increasing 100%
B. Data-based management
C. Build up 2 Brand: Msudoku & YuanQimm

2. Weemay Vision:

Transfer our passion & happiness to our customer by our product.

3. Flag:

12 Live broadcasts

4. Weemay Interaction:

All Weemay members to say hello together.

5. Product Show:

Printer & Copier Parts and Consumables, such as toner cartridge, drum unit, fuser unit, ink cartridge, opc drum, chip, blade, label tape, shipping label, etc.

6. 2024 Goal:

A. 2000 End-user membership
B. 200 Retailer membership



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