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Market Analysis of Compatible Label Tape on Amazon

According to data, the global thermal printing market output value in 2015 was 32.8 billion US dollars, maintaining a compound growth rate of more than 4.3% in 5 years.

While for label tape on Amazon, data sources are mainly from the site of USA, Germany, UK and Japan.

Amazon label tape sales data

Consumables Series Sales ratio Volume ratio
Brother-TZE 32% 34%
‎DYMO-LT 24% 14%
Name LandCasio 17% 26%
KingJim 15% 15%
‎DYMO-D1 4% 4%
3D 3% 1%
A4 label 3% 3%
Lite thermal label 1.40% 0.80%
Brother-MK 1.50% 1%
Other 0.60% 0.50%
Total 100.00% 100.00%

Amazon Label Tape Sales Volume Data

Analysis of the global thermal paper

In the future, with the rapid development of logistics, medical and other application markets, the market demand for thermal paper will continue to increase, and the market scale will continue to expand.

Data source: Amazon (January-October 2021) sales data Main Sites: US, UK and Japan

Brother DK thermal series sales data by site
Site Sales volumeUSD Sales ratio
USA 6 million 73.47%
UK 658,000 9.97%
Japan 2.328 million 16.55%
Total 8.986 million 100.00%

Brother DK thermal label sales data by site

Sales data of Dymo LW thermal series by site
Site Sales volumeUSD Sales ratio
USA 4.577 million 62.39%
UK 3.879 million 37.57%
Japan 4000 0.04%
Total 8.46 million 100.00%

Sales data of Dymo LW series thermal labels by site

Brother DK & Dymo LW Thermal Label Best-Selling Model

Item Market Item Market
DK 22205 US DK 11201 UK
DK 11202 US DK 22205 UK
DK 11201 US DK 22223 UK
DK 22512 US Other UK
DK 11209 US


Item Market Item Market
30252 US 99012 UK
2050816 US S0722420 UK
30324 US 2093095 UK
30336 US 99014 UK
Other US Other UK

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