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Paper Jam Problems: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

Paper Jam Problems: Identifying Causes, Solutions, and Prevention Tips

Every Office Worker’s Nightmare: Paper Jams!

Excerpt: Let’s find out the causes, solutions, and prevention tips for your copier paper jam problems!

I don't think there's any office worker who hasn't had a nightmare where you find your copier in a horrible state and making a clicking noise indicating a paper ja

I don’t think there’s any office worker who hasn’t had a nightmare where you find your copier in a horrible state and making a clicking noise indicating a paper jam! Must be very disappointed, right?

The good news is that today’s smart copiers make it easier to fix paper jams at copiers.

So, let’s see how to overcome the paper jam problem.

When a paper jam occurs, don’t panic.

Most people panic when a paper jam occurs and quickly try to remove it.

**Wait, don’t do that! **

If you try to force the paper out, it will most likely tear. Torn pieces can get stuck and stay in the copier, which only makes things worse.

WARNING: Do not attempt to remove torn pieces of paper with a sharp object as it will damage your copier!

How to overcome the paper jam problem? It’s easier than you think!

In fact, it is not difficult to solve the paper jam problem on modern machines. The screen tells you where the jam occurred and how to fix it. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions to slowly remove the paper.

Today’s modern printing presses are computer-based. When a paper jam occurs, it guides you through the process of clearing a copier jam. The control panels of some machines, such as Konica Minolta models, will show you step-by-step visually how to complete a jam.

How to remove jammed paper from a Ricoh, Konica Minolta, or Fuji Xerox copier:

The screen will ask you to open the side door and show you which path the jam occurred in. Gently remove the paper and close the panel door. The machine will also tell you if you have not cleared all jammed paper from the printer.

When should you seek help from a professional technician?

When should you contact a technician at a copier service company to fix a paper jam?

Basically, it is recommended that you contact a technician in the following situations:

  • Paper Jams Seem to Be More Complicated Than Usual
  • You failed to complete the jam and removed it after trying
  • The paper clock problem is repeated every day

WARNING: Never use sharp tools to inspect the copier or attempt to open the inside of the machine. If you do, you could end up with bigger problems and higher repair costs.

Cause of paper jam

Did you know that copier jam problems are always caused by your own paper?

  • non-parallel paper

When the paper stack is not properly aligned in the machine, it usually results in a paper jam/jam.

When adding paper, fan/slide the paper first and load it carefully to avoid filling the paper tray all at once.

Copier technicians recommend that you start by half-loading the paper tray. Then you load the rest. Make sure that the bottom piece of paper has not moved and that the paper is tightly packed.

  • Sticky paper

Sticky paper can cause paper jams, so fan the paper to make sure there are no jams. Also check to see if there is any glue left on the paper. Sometimes it happens during the paper packaging process in the production plant

  • Paper is too heavy or light

Paper that is too thick or too thin often causes jams. You need to use a paper weight that is appropriate for your copier. In general, we recommend using paper with a weight between 80gsm – 300gsm. If you are unsure, consult your copier service company.

  • Wet paper.

Make sure to use clean and damp paper. Wet or dirty paper is more likely to jam.

  • Confetti

Paper dust accumulated in the machine can easily cause paper jams in the machine.

Many businesses or offices try to reduce costs by using cheaper recycled paper. While using recycled paper is good for the environment, unfortunately, it’s not good for your copier. Recycled paper creates more confetti. Dust not only affects the operation of the machine, but also affects the print quality.

Dirty trays (paper trays) and feeders (feeders).

Make sure the paper tray is always clean. Dirt on the pallet can get into the rollers causing them to slippage. When scanning, printing, and copying, the rollers cannot clamp and pull the paper, causing slippage and causing paper jams. We also encourage you to clean the paper tray monthly.

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