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Six parameters for purchasing portable label printer

Portable label printer

With the continuous development of informatization, networking and automation, the demand for portable label printers in distribution centers, warehousing, transportation and retail links has been increasing.

Portable label printer are used more and more widely in daily work, which brings great convenience to people’s work. But what parameters should we pay attention to when purchasing the label machine?

Today, Weemay mainly tells us which parameters to pay attention to when purchasing a label machine from six aspects.

1. Printer Type

Generally, there are two printing methods for portable label machines: thermal printing and thermal transfer printing.

Portable label printer

The carbon tape is not required in the printing process of the thermal label machine. Generally, the printed label can be kept for 6-12 months, which is suitable for various supermarkets, retail stores, markets, and other labels that need to be changed frequently in the short term. The heat transfer label machine needs carbon tape printing, and the printed labels can be stored for a long time, and can be used in various harsh environments according to different printing consumables. It is widely used in logistics, power, medical and other fields.

Therefore, when purchasing the label machine, you should select the type of label machine according to your own use. For example, Brother PT-E110 and Dymo LT-100 are different types of portable printers.

Brother PT-E110(thermal transfer printing)
Dymo LT-100-h(thermal printing)

2. Printing precision

The printing accuracy is mainly determined by the print head. The higher the accuracy, the finer and clearer the printed label. The printing accuracy of portable label machines in the market is about 203dpi and 300dpi.

Generally, both 203dpi and 300dpi can meet daily work requirements. However, it should be noted that the faster the printing speed is, the lower the printing accuracy is. Therefore, you should pay attention to adjusting appropriate parameters when using. You can also choose products suitable for your own printing needs according to the industry situation, label size, etc.

3. Print Width

The wider the printing width of the portable label machine is, the more compatible ribbon types will be, which can be applied to more different work. Therefore, when purchasing a label machine, you need to pay special attention to this point. A machine with a large width can adapt to a variety of work needs.

4. Printing speed

Among the portable label machines on the market, barcode printers generally print faster than needle printers, which is also one of the advantages of barcode printers. The printing speed of the portable label machine can reach 40mm/s.

5. Standby duration

For portable label printer, it is necessary to install battery on the body for easy carrying, because the battery can be used without power supply, which is very helpful for work. Therefore, the standby time is also one of the important indicators for purchasing a label machine.

6. Body weight

Since it is a portable label machine, it is very important to be “portable”. Therefore, weight is also an important reference index of portable label machine. The lighter the printer is, the more convenient it will be for us to carry during work, which is conducive to improving work efficiency.

Nowadays, the portable label machine has rapidly participated in our life and work, and has become an indispensable high efficiency office “artifact” in some industries. After knowing these basic parameters, we will know how to choose a label machine with good quality and suitable for ourselves when we buy the label machine.

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