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Toner Basic Knowledge of Printing Consumables

This article will introduce a mainstream product of printing consumables: toner used by copiers and laser printers.

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1.Introduction to toner composition

Toner is a black powder. Many people are easily misled by its name and color, thinking that it is a powder material whose main component is carbon material. In fact, the copy printing toner is a composite material, and its composition mainly includes the following:

(1)Resin: it is the main imaging material and constitutes the main component of toner.

(2)Carbon black: it is also the main imaging material, with the function of adjusting the color depth, that is, to adjust the commonly known gray blackness.

(3)Magnetic iron oxide: it is used to make the carbon powder magnetic and can be absorbed on the carbon roll under the magnetic attraction of the magnetic roll.

(4)Charge control particles: control the charged amount of carbon powder after friction and use carbon powder to charge evenly.

(5)Thermoplastic (plasticizer): control the melting point of carbon powder, carry the carbon powder to penetrate into the paper fiber in the melting state, and form the final firm image.

(6)Lubricant (silicon particle): It plays a role of lubrication and controls the friction charge at the same time.

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2.Production process of carbon powder and its difference

Toner can be divided into two categories according to different production methods:

(1)Crushed toner

The production process of crushed carbon powder is to roughly mix the solid resin, magnetic materials, pigments, charge control agent (CCA), wax and other additives, and then heat them on the mixing extruder to melt the resin. At the same time, the immiscible ingredients are evenly dispersed into the resin. After cooling and solidification, rough crushing, grading and surface modification are carried out.

(2)Simitri HD

The production process of polymerized carbon powder is to inject the liquid organic monomer into the reactor, and then add the pigment, charge control agent, wax and other components into the reactor. Under certain temperature and other conditions, the initiator initiates the monomer to polymerize into resin and forms particles containing each component. Then these particles are cleaned, dried and surface modified to become finished toner.

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3.Main physical properties affecting the performance of toner

(1)Charged quantity

(2)Softening point

(3)Melt index

(4)Particle size distribution

(5)Copy quality

(6)Loose density

Although the current trend of social progress is to achieve paperless office, this trend will certainly affect the entire printing consumables industry. But at present, paperless office is still a good wish of people. The traditional market of printing consumables is still developing healthily. The demand growth of printing consumables market brought by our rapidly growing economic situation partly offset the demand decline caused by the paperless office trend.

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