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Expert supplier for toner and label tape

Label tape is a special printing supplies for label printers, its function is to identity the use of various item or the name of item.

This standard labelling tape comes in a wide variety of colors. Using labels colorcoded according to the objects to be labeled or their purpose makes it easy to organise and manage things.

The series of label tape
1.Brother Tze/Hse/M-K series label
2.Dymo D1/LT/LW/3D/Rhino series label
4.Casio XR series label
5.Brady M21/MC series label

Widely Application
1.For Daily Life: Kitchen seasoning bottle,Medicine box, TV, electric fan, Router classify,Festival gift decoration.

2.For Office: Paper file, Meeting memo, Contract.

3.For Business and Industry: Bar, restaurant, cable, etc.

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