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Cleaning Blade

A cleaning blade is a component of a printing device, such as a laser printer or copier, that helps to clean excess toner or ink off the photoconductive drum or other printing surface. The blade is typically made of a thin strip of rubber or plastic that is mounted on a metal bracket and is positioned very close to the surface of the drum or other imaging component.

During the printing process, excess toner or ink can accumulate on the surface of the drum or imaging component. The cleaning blade is used to remove this excess toner or ink by scraping it off the surface as it rotates. This helps to ensure that the printed image is clear and accurate, and also helps to prevent buildup of toner or ink that can cause smudging or other print quality issues.

It’s worth noting that the specific design of cleaning blades can vary between different printer models and manufacturers. Some printers may use a separate cleaning unit to perform this function, while others may use a different type of cleaning mechanism altogether.

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