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Printer and copier developers are materials used in laser printers and photocopiers to create the images on the paper.

In a laser printer or copier, the developer is a mixture of toner particles and magnetic carrier particles. The toner particles are the colored powders that make up the image, while the carrier particles are usually made of iron oxide and help to evenly distribute the toner particles. The developer is stored in a cartridge or hopper and is attracted to the charged areas of the photoconductive drum or belt in the printer or copier.

As the drum or belt rotates, the developer is transferred to the charged areas and the toner particles adhere to the drum or belt. The drum or belt then transfers the toner particles to the paper and a fuser unit melts the toner particles onto the paper to create the final image.

Developers need to be replaced periodically as they can become depleted or contaminated, which can affect the quality of the images produced.

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