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Label Tape/For Brady/

M21-750-488 Chemical Resistant Polyester Labels

Type:Polyester Labels


Compatible :For Brady

Brand Name:WEEMAY

Size:0.75 in W x 21 ft L


Color:Black on White

Printer Compatibility:BMP21-LAB, BMP21-PLUS, M210, M210-LAB, M211

Sample:Accept sample pls contact us

Packing:White Box

Delivery Time:1 – 3 Working days for sample

Warranty:12 months

  • Product Details

Compatible Brady Black on White Solvent and Chemical Resistant Polyester Labels

  • Material: Polyester
  • Label/Tape Size: 0.75 in W x 21 ft L
  • Color: Black on White
  • Printer Compatibility: BMP21-LAB, BMP21-PLUS, M210, M210-LAB, M211
  • Material Number: 488
  • Maximum Service Temperature °F: 320 °F

Designed to meet the rigors of laboratory applications, This Compatible Brady polyester labels 488 material excels at resisting chemicals, oils, alcohols, and heat. Due to its inherent properties, this polyester can also be used for asset tracking, datacom identification, barcode labeling, and more.

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342 PermaSleeve Heat-Shrink Tubing
Wire & Cable, Electrical & DataCom
427 Self-Laminating Wire Wrap
Wire & Cable, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
430 Clear Harsh-Environment Polyester Label
General ID, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
488 Solvent-Resistant Laboratory Label
General ID, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
499 Multi-Purpose Nylon Label
General ID, Wire & Cable, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
595 All-Weather Vinyl Label
General ID, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
7425 Chemical &Temperature-Resistant Label
General ID, Laboratory
  • Width:6.35mm(1/4″) / 9.5mm(3/8″) / 12.7mm(1/2″) / 19.1mm(3/4″)
  • Length:4.27m(14′) / 4.9m(16′) / 6.4m(21′)
  • Label Colors: Black / White / Red / Clear / Blue / Green / Orange / etc

Fully Compatible with Brady Label Makers:

For use in BMP21-LAB, BMP21-PLUS, M210, M210-LAB, M211 Label Printer

What is the Features and Application for Brady M21-750-488 Label Cartridge:

Engineered Performance – High-tack permanent adhesive ideal for flat surfaces exposed to a wide variety of liquids, chemicals, alcohols, oils and will even survive outdoor applications
Chemical Resistant – Resists exposure to mineral spirits, 10% sodium hydroxide solution, 10% sulfuric acid solution, oils, Isopropyl alcohol, jet fuel, and more

Application for Brady Label Maker Tape

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