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Label Tape/For Brady/

M21-750-595 All-Weather Vinyl Label Tape

Type:Label Cartridge


Compatible :For Brady

Brand Name:WEEMAY

Size:0.75 in W x 21 ft L


Color:Black on White

Printer Compatibility:BMP21-LAB, BMP21-PLUS, M210, M210-LAB, M211

Sample:Accept sample pls contact us

Packing:White Box

Delivery Time:1 – 3 Working days for sample

Warranty:12 months

  • Product Details

Compatible Brady Black on White All-Weather Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Label Tape

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Label/Tape Size: 0.75 in W x 21 ft L
  • Color: Black on White
  • Printer Compatibility: BMP21-LAB, BMP21-PLUS, M210, M210-LAB, M211
  • Material Number: 595
  • Label Properties: Aggressive Adhesive, Harsh Environment, Outdoor Durable, Permanent Adhesive

With the ability to last up to 10 years in an outdoor environment, This Compatible Brady All-Weather Vinyl label Tape low shrink vinyl with ultra-aggressive adhesive (595) is ideal for a wide range of identification applications.

Want to Look for Other Sizes, Colors and Material? Check Out Our Compatible Label Tape Chart Below:

342 PermaSleeve Heat-Shrink Tubing
Wire & Cable, Electrical & DataCom
427 Self-Laminating Wire Wrap
Wire & Cable, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
430 Clear Harsh-Environment Polyester Label
General ID, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
488 Solvent-Resistant Laboratory Label
General ID, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
499 Multi-Purpose Nylon Label
General ID, Wire & Cable, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
595 All-Weather Vinyl Label
General ID, Electrical & DataCom, Laboratory
7425 Chemical &Temperature-Resistant Label
General ID, Laboratory
  • Width:6.35mm(1/4″) / 9.5mm(3/8″) / 12.7mm(1/2″) / 19.1mm(3/4″)
  • Length:4.27m(14′) / 4.9m(16′) / 6.4m(21′)
  • Label Colors: Black / White / Red / Clear / Blue / Green / Orange / etc

Fully Compatible with Brady Label Makers:

For use in BMP21-LAB, BMP21-PLUS, M210, M210-LAB, M211 Label Printer

What is the Features and Application for Brady M21-750-595 Label Cartridge:

Application Versatility – Highly pliable material with high-tack permanent adhesive for rough, highly textured, dirty, and harsh environment surfaces, and can be applied in cold temperatures

Industrial Grade – Resists exposure to UV light, chemicals, greases and oils, salt spray, cleaners and detergents, and general industrial grime

Difficult Surfaces – Besides powder coated metal, also adheres to difficult surfaces such as painted cinder block, painted wood, textured plastic, paper-jacketed pipes, and blow-molded cases
Application for Brady Label Maker Tape

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