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Transparent PE Plastic Bag Packaging for Ricoh Toner Cartridge


Product Name:PE Bag

Price:Contact Us

Plastic Type:PE


For use in:Ricoh Toner Cartridges

Size:69*15cm/ 53*13.5cm

Delivery Time:3-7 Working Days

Warranty:12 Months

  • Product Details

PE is the abbreviation of polyethylene, which is a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of ethylene. The industry also includes copolymers of ethylene and a small amount of α-olefin; it is a transparent pe plastic bag that can be used for packaging of clothing, luggage, and electronic products.

Polyethylene, with excellent low temperature resistance (minimum use temperature -70 ~ -100 ℃), good chemical stability, resistant to most acids and alkalis (not resistant to oxidizing acids), insoluble in solvents at room temperature, low water absorption , Excellent electrical insulation.

Our Transparent PE Plastic Bag is widely used in the packaging of Ricoh color toner cartridges, have 3 size:

  • Bevel: 69x15cm
  • Rectangle: 69x15cm
  • Rectangle: 53×13.5cm

Protection: The packaging bag can protect the powder cartridge from the external environment, such as dust, moisture, etc.

Leak prevention: The transparent PE packaging bag can effectively prevent the contents of the powder cartridge from leaking and maintain the integrity of the package.

The universal PE plastic packaging bag has high transparency and strong protection. It has undergone numerous tests during production, and the wholesale price is even more favorable at $0.2-$0.3. While meeting business needs, it is also the best in terms of quality and cost. If you want to know for more or to order, please click send inquiry above.



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