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Strong Adhesive Tapes Label Compatible Brother P-Touch Label Printer

Product Name:Laminated Strong Adhesive Label Tapes

Model:Compatible Brother Tze Strong Adhesive Tapes

Suitable for:P-Touch Label Printer

Size:6mm/9mm/12mm/18mm/24mm/36mm x 8m

Customized:Color, Size and Packaging

Delivery time:3-7working Days

Warranty:12 months

  • Product Details

When you need strong adhesive laminate labels, head over to weemay.com. They have a large selection of Compatible Brother Ptouch® labels and tapes included standard and strong adhesive. Extra strength adhesive labels are perfect a wide range of surfaces as well as different types of environments. If you are looking to label outside of regular office or school use, then consider the Strong Adhesive Label Tapes.

Weemay Compatible Brother TZE Strong Adhesive Tapes Label P-Touch

♦High temperature, water resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, persistent.

Wide Applicability

♦Office supplies, bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen utensils, water heaters, etc.
Print clear and natural, make your things all be tidy and clean at a glance.

These adhesive labels have a stronger adhesive backing that has twice the adherent power than the standard tapes. The extra strength tapes can be used on those hard-to-stick surfaces. While flat surfaces always work best, the WEEMAY’s strong adhesive label tapes can be applied to textured surfaces.

Compatible Brother Laminated Strong Adhesive Tapes Label

standrad tapes feature

When you use laminated standard tapes label, Before printing Is end, please don’t pull out the label tape in case of any damage of the label tape.

Please tight the ribbon by turning the gear in the direction shown by the arrow and make sure the ribbon is tightening the flat state.
All our products have been tested its compatibllity and the materials for several times.
Based on developing product, we will lmprove the production and technique constantly.

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