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Label Tape/For Brother/


Product Name:Laminated standard adhesive label tapes


Color:Gold on Black

Suitable for:P-Touch label printer


Customized:Color, size and packaging

Delivery time:3-7working days

Warranty:12 months

Sample:Accept Free Sample

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Compatible Brother TZe334 standard adhesive label tapes. More models:

Model list for brother tze standard labels cartridge

TZe-334 suitable for label printer:

GL100, PT200, PT1000, PT1000BM, PT1010, PT1010B, PT1010NB, PT1010R, PT1010S, PT1090,   PT1090BK, PT1100, PT1100SB, PT1100SBVP, PT1100ST, PT1120, PT113, PT1160,   PT1170, PT1170S, PT1180, PT1190, PT11Q, PT1200, PT1230PC, PT1280, PT1280SR,   PT1280VP, PT1280AF, PT1290, ST1150, ST1150DX, PT7100, PTD200, PT18R, PT300,   PT-300B, PT310, PT-310B, PT320, PT340, ST1150, ST1150DX, PT1300, PT1700,   PT1750, PT1760, PT1800, PT1810, PT1830, PT1830C, PT1830SC, PT1830VP, PT1880,   PT1900, PT1910, PT1950, PT1960, PT2030, PT2030AD, PT2030VP, PT2100, PT2110,   ST5, PT330, PT350, PT520, PT540, PT580C, PT1400, PT1500PC, PT1600, PT1650,   PT2200, PT2210, PT2300, PT2310, PT2400, PT2410, PT2430PC, PT2500PC, PT2600,   PT2610, PT2700, PT2710, PT2730, PT2730VP, PT7500, PT7600, PT530, PT550, PT3600,   PT9200PC, PT9200DX, PT9400, PT9500PC, PT9600, PT9700PC, PT9800PCN, PT2420PC, PT-P700, PT-P300BT, PT-D400, PT-P750W, PT-D600, PT-D200KT, PT-1260, PT-D200SN, GL-200, GL-H100, PT-1100CH, PT-E100, GL-H105, PT-E110, PT-E200, PT-900, PT-H101, PT-D200, PT-18Rz, PT-H105, PT-D210, PT-H110, PT-D215e, PT-1890, PT-D450, PT-E300, PT-H300, PT-2450DX, PT-2460, PT-2470, PT-2480, PT-2500PC, PT-P750W, PT-2430PC, PT-E500, PT-E550, PT-E550W, PT-H500, P-TOUCH PC, RL-700S, PT-D800W,   PT-P900, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW, PT-550

Compatible brother tze-334 label tapes feature and application

Use tips:

When you use laminated standard tapes label, Before printing Is end. Please don’t pull out the label tape in case of any damage of the label tape.
Please tight the ribbon by turning the gear in the direction shown by the arrow and make sure the ribbon is tightening the flat state.

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