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Reduce Printing Costs With Remanufactured Printers

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, more and more businesses—from large enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises—are looking for ways to reduce overhead and expenses without sacrificing productivity and quality. Many cut costs in extreme ways, eliminating budgetary allocations for essential equipment in the hope that employees will be able to do more with less, which increases employee frustration and ultimately leads to lower output.

Cutting budgets excessively is unnecessary and can be counterproductive when it comes to print environments, especially in today’s remote or hybrid work environments. With a remote workforce expected to exceed 36 million Americans by 2025, ubiquitous office printers now located in employees’ homes are more necessary than ever to keep employees connected and productive. While some companies might see this need for more printers as a burden on their printing budgets, that’s not the case. Smart companies know that they can reduce printing costs and overall printing spend by expanding their printer fleet by relying on high-quality remanufactured printers.

Reduce printing costs with refurbished printers

How remanufactured Printers Can Help You Reduce Printing Costs Without Losing Productivity

Even in the best of times, most businesses are wary of overstretching their equity and seek to keep costs down by keeping budgets low to prop up declining profits. However, there is another, better way to achieve a healthy bottom line – and that is to increase productivity. Research shows that by improving efficiency and productivity, companies can drive capital gains and revenues that help them achieve their growth goals. Taking a two-pronged approach that includes getting creative with costs coupled with cost management opportunities to support productivity is the best way to simplify your budget without compromising your growth potential.

To reduce printing costs using this strategy, smart companies are turning to remanufactured printers to economically expand their printer population and maintain high production rates. remanufactured printers have many advantages, including:

Printer Fleet Consistency Improves Efficiency

Having a fleet of printers that provide each printer with the same user interface and components directly impacts productivity. Your in-house IT staff can more easily troubleshoot local or remote computers by only being familiar with one make or model of printer. Employees will be able to use any printer on your team without having to relearn the interface, making it easier for remote or traveling employees to keep business moving.

Lower cost per page

remanufactured printers already offer cost savings due to lower overall costs. Combined with high-yield reman print and toner cartridges, you can deliver the lowest cost per page for your company—or your client’s—for the best return on investment.

Quick replacement via hot swap

Nothing reduces productivity and drains your revenue more than downtime caused by printer failure. With a remanufactured printer, the original machine can be quickly replaced with the same model, saving even more money and keeping the job going.

Full warranty

With an hour of downtime costing an average of $300,000, reducing machine downtime is critical to increasing productive hours and improving bottom-line statistics. Having reliable equipment is a key factor in reducing downtime and improving overall business efficiency.






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