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Ricoh Releases New A3 Color Digital Composite Machine

Ricoh today announced the release of a blockbuster new product RICOH M C2501 A3 color digital composite machine. Ricoh calls the new product a variety of hybrid office space services that integrate the digital ecosystem, supporting office and remote working methods, without being bound by examples.

RICOH M C2501 A3 color digital composite machine

According to reports, the printing speed of RICOH M C2501 A3 color digital composite machine is 25 pages per minute, and it is equipped with a 10.1-inch intelligent operation panel. Users can customize the layout of the main interface according to their personal usage habits and work needs, eliminating the need for tedious setting time. Improve office efficiency.

The new product is equipped with a free entry-level text and printing control function, which can assign user rights at multiple levels, set virtual quotas, and check the printing volume and full-color printing rate at any time to meet the needs of corporate supervision and help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. At the same time, RICOH M C2501 can designate users to print after logging in to ensure the confidentiality of confidential documents and enable verification output to ensure document security.

Ricoh emphasized that 100% of the electricity required for the assembly and production of the RICOH M C2501 composite machine is generated by renewable energy, and it uses the color-wiping E-QSU technology (enhanced quick start fixing system), which can be heated to working status, to achieve energy saving. The machine is also equipped with an environmental protection counter, which can display multiple ecological indicators in stages, and only contributes energy to the cause of environmental protection together with partners.





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