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Solution for Ricoh printer error code sc500

Meaning of the error code sc500

The error code sc500 indicates the main motor error in Ricoh printers. The printer is unable to recognize a main motor lock signal within 2 seconds after the main motor started working, or the printer is unable to recognize the motor lock release signal within 2 seconds after the printer stops working or turned off.

There may be various reasons for causing this error code. The main reason behind this error may be an overload of the drive mechanism. The other reasons may be,

Damaged or defective main motor.

Defective or loose motor harness.


Unplug your printer and then switch on it again.

1) Check the Drum unit.

2) Check the harness, replace it if necessary.

3) Check the main motor and clean it. Replace the main motor if necessary.

Some of other errors:

  • Defective Toner Cartridge

If you are facing the problem of blank pages, or thin and dark vertical lines on your printouts, then your toner might need a replacement. 

  • Improperly Seated Laser Cartridge

If your laser cartridge is not seated properly, you will face repetitive defects or horizontal lines on your printed documents. In that case you need to reposition your cartridge at its proper place.

  • Leaking Cartridge

The marks on the back of the printed page indicate that your printer cartridge is leaking. You need to check the problem for normal functioning of the printer.

  • Improperly Loaded Paper

Before loading the paper, you need to hold the stack of paper, and then tap it to make the stack even on all sides. Ensure that the paper adjusters on the tray are positioned in a right manner. Push the stack of paper into the tray until it stops. Never try to force the paper too far in the tray.

  • Full Waste Bin

If you are facing irregularly shaped spots or stains on your printouts, then your cartridge’s waste bin might be full. In that case you need to clear the waste bin.

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