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The Difference between Thermal and Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer and thermal paper are widely used in our daily life, including home, office,electricity, medial treatment. Both of them have their own feature and advantage.

Printing principle

Thermal transfer

Through the heating of the print head, the material on the imaging material (such as a carbon ribbon) is heated and melted. The hot-melt material will be transferred and attached to the receptor (such as PET film) to complete the printing.

Thermal paper

By heating the print head and touching the thermal printing paper, after a chemical reaction occurs, the required graphics and text are printed.


Thermal transfer


Conventional label material, with the characteristics of waterproof, oil proof, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc., can be made into labels of different colors according to requirements, the application range is the widest, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


The label has good ductility and strong chemical resistance. It is widely used in chemical laboratories, electric power, and harsh chemical environments.


With protective polyamide coating and permanent acrylic adhesive, it has low temperature and high temperature resistance functions, and is widely used in medical, electric power and other industries


Iron-on labels can be attached to textiles after being ironed with an iron. It needs to be covered with a layer of cloth when ironing to prevent the marks from being melted. The ironing medium is cotton, linen, polyester cotton etc.


The ribbon is used as a label, and it is a beautifully decorated gift through manual processing into a gift ribbon.

Heat shrink tube:

With shrinkage performance, it can be used to identify cables and is widely used in the power industry

Thermal paper



Paper card

With waterproof, oil-proof and scratch-proof function, it can be used in freight, logistics, retail, manufacturing, express delivery and postal industries.

Shipping Labels Applicaton

Choose the suitable products according to using application.

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