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Key points for purchasing thermal receipt printer

What is thermal receipt printer?

Thermal printer due to the need to add ink, carbon tape. Printed with thermal paper. Simple operation and wide application. One of the necessary hardware of the cash register system. Today, let’s talk about some knowledge points of thermal receipt printer.

1. Except for printing paper, thermal printer does not use any consumables.

Only one side of the printing paper coated with material can be printed.

After the printing head is heated and contacted with the thermal paper. The desired pattern can be printed. Generally, it can kept for about one year.

thermal receipt printer
58IINV Pos Receipt Thermal Printer

2. The specification of printing paper

58 The specification of paper, printed by the small ticket machine is 57x30mm 57x50mm 57 is 30mm behind the width of the paper and 50mm refers to the height of the roll paper. The size of 57x48mm in the following figure depends on the maximum size of roll paper in the paper bin of your printer. The longer the length, the higher the height of the roll. (48mm below)

label roll for thermal receipt printer

3. The common interface of the 58 receipt printer

The parallel Interface serial Interface USB Interface Bluetooth WiFi. The parallel serial USB Interface is wired. The back Bluetooth WiFi is a wireless connection. The stability is the same as that of parallel Interface>serial Interface>USB Interface>WiFi>Bluetooth. Preferred is Parallel Interface. Serial Interface. I really can’t get on USB.

Most traditional cashiers integrate printing instructions, parallel Interface and serial Interface can directly driven. Generally, not required a drivers.

USB only can use with drivers. Wifi Bluetooth is suitable for Android cash registers or mobile phones without interfaces.

thermal receipt printer

4. The 58 receipt printer generally has two indicators

One is the power indicator, and the other is called differently, different manufacturers, some called mode, some called status, and some called error.

No matter what it is called. The printer status is exponential. Generally, if there is paper and the installation is correct, the two lights will be on at the same time. If the status indicator flashes.

Generally, there is no paper in the printer and the paper bin is not closed firmly. Also, the printer has no power. The feed calls out the paper key. After the new roll paper is replaced, press it to see that the paper feeding is abnormal.

thermal receipt printer feature

After using the printer for a period of time

It is better to use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clear the print head and roller. Power off during cleaning. Cleaning and playing will take 10-20 minutes. Power on after drying.

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