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Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Zebra

Inferior thermal transfer ribbon can lead to failed label performance, damaged printheads, lost productivity and ultimately reduced profits. Avoid it. With Zebra, you’re guaranteed premium print quality and performance consistency every time.


Wax ribbons

Works best for most applications

Suitable for use:

With paper materials

Where fast print speeds are required (Up to 12 ips)

In environments with little to no exposure to chemicals and/or abrasion

Wax/resign ribbons

Provides good abrasion and chemical resistance

Suitable for use:

With top-coated paper and matte synthetic materials

In environments with moderate to harsh exposure to chemicals and/or abrasion

Resin ribbons

Unmatched print quality and durability

Suitable for use:

With all synthetic materials and some topcoated labels and tags

In environments with harsh to extreme exposure to chemicals

When applications require strong resistance against ultra high temperatures and harsh outdoor environments

Zebra Thermal Transfer Ink Ribbon

The R&D team performs stringent quality tests to ensure the thermal transfer ribbon consistently deliver the best print quality and durability. What’s your result? Prolonged printhead life, decreased total cost of ownership and exceptional scanning performance.

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