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Bring Down the Cost! Toshiba Launches New A3 Composite Machine


Toshiba announced the launch of a new A3 black and white laser composite machine e-STUDIO2323AMS.

According to reports, e-STUDIO2323AMS supports fast output of 23 pages per minute and continuous scanning of 150 pages of originals, which can meet the daily office needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, it supports dual-certificate or even multiple-certificate copying functions, which is a powerful tool for printing in the window industry.

e-STUDIO2323AMS is equipped with standard USB port and wired network port, optional WiFi components and double-sided printing, supports U disk printing and scanning, and can be directly connected to mobile phones and composite machine through data cables to realize printing/scanning, which greatly improves work efficiency.

A3 black and white laser composite machine e-STUDIO2323AMS

e-STUDIO2323AMS supports Zhihuilian cloud operation and maintenance, which can realize remote equipment and printed sheet management, and can provide reminders and remote repair services for powder shortage and maintenance.

Toshiba said that the total cost of use of new products is low. Toshiba adopts toner recycling technology while ensuring product quality, which not only reduces costs but also reduces secondary pollution.





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