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Whether to keep your office supplies organized or to label your fixed assets for easy identification; whether for labeling uses in homes, offices, schools, warehouses or hotels, or for labeling folders, files, shelves, books, accessories, etc.; or whether for outdoor and indoor applications, you need to use convenient, high-performance label maker tapes to print clear and durable labels to help you stay organized.

To make you have a better understanding of compatible label tapes, we specially divide this article into several sections to introduce you one by one the following contents: WEEMAY high-quality compatible label tapes, considerations on selecting label tapes, why choose compatible label tapes, how to find right compatible label tapes for your label maker, and advantages of WEEMAY compatible label tapes.

1. WEEMAY High-Quality Compatible Label Tapes

Label Maker Tape

As one of the most professional label tape and printer ribbon suppliers, WEEMAY manufactures high quality high performance label tapes that are compatible with all major label maker and label printer models from brands like DYMO, Brother, Casio, Epson, Brady and etc. to suit your labeling needs and purchasing requirements. WEEMAY labeling supplies come in a great variety of styles, sizes, and colors designed to work with your label makers, label printers and compact color printers.

WEEMAY has a wide selection of compatible label tapes for your choices. Compatible label tapes are in various specifications (width) such as 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, etc. What’s more, the compatible label tapes manufactured by WEEMAY also have an array of color options from black on clear, black on white, black on red to black on blue, black on yellow and black on green. You can rest assured to purchase whatever label tapes you want from WEEMAY at low prices but with good quality and high performance.

2. Considerations on Selecting Label Tapes

It’s not always easy to select the right label tapes from a sea of different label tapes available in the marketplace. So what factors need to be taken into consideration when selecting label tapes and how to judge the quality of certain label tapes. In the following section, we’ll show you several considerations on selecting label tapes and propose some ways to judge the quality of label maker tapes.

3. Factors to Consider on Selecting Label Tapes

(1) Compatibility

The first factor for you to consider is whether the label tape is compatible with your label maker or label printer. If you buy a label tape cassette that is incompatible with your DYMO label maker, it is not only a waste of time and money, but it may also cause severe damage to your machine. Therefore, it is very import to buy the right label tapes for your label maker to ensure compatibility and performance.

(2) Longevity

The second factor for you to consider is whether the label tape can last for a long time, i.e. whether the label tape can create clear and durable labels. You should pay attention to its raw materials, adhesiveness, wear-resistance and chemicals-resistance, etc. You can first try some samples to test the quality and performance of certain compatible label tapes before buying in bulk.

(3) Size

Label maker tapes come in different sizes, so you need to figure out what your specific project needs are. Choose 1/4-inch label tape for small areas, including supply boxes or file folder tabs. For file drawers, large packages, or shelf signs, choose tape that is 1-inch wide or larger. Label tape is available in continuous rolls and die-cut shapes to offer you maximum design freedom.

(4) Color

Apart from size, label maker tapes also provide a variety of color options, and you thus need to consider what color you want or what color your customers prefer. If you need to spot labels in a cluttered desk drawer or on a large package, select bright yellow label tape. White tapes create the highest contrast level with black text, which ensure both visibility and readability. Clear tapes keep the focus on the text and allow you to create a streamlined look.

(5) Adhesive

Many label tapes are backed with high-strength adhesive which sticks firmly on both smooth and rough surfaces. Therefore, you also need to figure out your application purposes and scenarios. General-purpose adhesives are suitable for mailing and in-office use. However, when you’re labeling items for use on tough surfaces or in environments with dramatic temperature changes, choose heavy-duty label maker tapes with ultra-strength adhesives.

4. Ways to Judge Label Tape’s Quality

(1) Molds

tze label tape

The first way to judge the quality of a label maker tape is to see its molds. The precision of a label tape’s molds directly determine whether different parts of a label tape function properly. If label tape cassette is poorly designed and manufactured, it will generate greater friction while the label tape rotates, further resulting in greater force by the roller to pull out the tape, which may easily cause the label maker or label printer to get stuck, or shorten the roller’s service of life.

(2) Joint

brother tze label maker tape

The second way is to observe the label tape joint to judge its quality. A good-quality label tape has smooth, thin, narrow joint with little error and slight harden-ability. It will not easily get stuck during printing. It’s helpful for you to judge a label tape’s quality by carefully observing the label tape’s weld joint.

(3) Samples

clear print

Finished samples or products are always an efficient and straightforward way to judge a label maker tape’s quality. You can first try some samples or products to test the quality before ordering in bulk. A good quality label tape is able to print clear and durable labels with smooth surface and clear texts, while a poor quality label tape tends to produce unclear labels that will peel off, smudge or fade.

(4) Durability

application for label tape

Durability is also one of the standards to test a label tape’s quality and performance, which include such factors like label tape’s adhesiveness, wear-resistance, fade-resistance, chemicals-resistance and resistance to dramatic temperature changes, etc. You’d better have an understanding of these parameters before placing an order. You can also get detailed data from official report/documentation.

5.Why Choose Compatible Label Tapes

You can either choose OEM label tapes or compatible label tapes to meet your labeling needs, but what are the underlying reasons for choosing compatible label tapes? Why should you choose compatible label tapes? As a matter of fact, compatible label tapes have several advantages over OEM label tapes as below:

(1) Low Price

Generally, the prices of compatible label tapes are much lower than those of OEM ones. Since label tapes belong to printing consumables, you will spend much more money if you buy OEM label tapes in the long run. However, compatible label tapes are usually much lower in prices than OEM label tapes. If you choose to use compatible label tapes, you can enjoy more savings over the long term. What’s more, if you buy in bulk or order directly from a label tape factory, you can enjoy special discounts or factory direct prices, cutting down your expenses even more. Print by the thermal transfer printing technology while enjoy your savings by printing labels without purchasing ink or toner.

(2) Same Quality

Some buyers may be worried about the quality and performance of compatible label tapes. However, with the development of thermal transfer printing technologies & labeling technologies and the utilization of most advanced equipment and manufacturing process, compatible label tapes produced by non-OEM manufacturers can meet or even exceed OEM standards. Just keep one thing in mind – always buy compatible label tapes from a trusted reliable supplier. For example, as a professional, reliable supplier of labeling supplies, WEEMAY manufactures a great variety of compatible label tapes that feature high quality, excellent performance and high compatibility, enabling you to print clear and durable labels that suit your needs.

(3) Long Warranty

Longer warranty, longer guarantee. Compatible label tapes from certain reliable manufacturers and suppliers have longer-term warranty than those from OEM manufacturers. For example, WEEMAY offers 12-month replacement or money back guarantee for manufacture defects or quality issues related to its compatible label tapes. With this longer-term warranty, all buyers can rest assured to buy quality labels tapes from WEEMAY.

6.How to Find Right Compatible Label Tapes for Your Label Maker

To find the right compatible label tape for your label maker, you should know your label maker’s specific brands, models and types. Or if you know your old label maker tape’s OEM code, you can also use this OEM code to search for compatible label tapes that work with your label maker. Usually, you can find this useful information on the label tape’s package or in the user manual. You can also search the Internet to find information that can help you locate the right label tapes, or just consult the supplier/vendor for more specific details. When you’re certain of your label maker’s brands, models, types or your original label tape’s OEM code, you’ll succeed in buying the right compatible label tapes for your label maker or label printer.

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