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What Does Printer Collate Mean When Printing?

When dealing with printing multiple pages, a common question arises: Do you wish to have your documents collated? But what does this term truly signify? In this post, let’s figure out the problems.

What Does Collated Mean When Printing?

When printing, “collate” is a printing option that specifies how multiple copies of a multi-page document should be arranged or organized. When you select “collate” in your printer settings, it means that the printer will print each copy of the document in its entirety before moving on to the next copy. In other words, if you’re printing multiple copies of a multi-page document, the printer will print page 1 of the document for all the copies, then page 2 for all the copies, and so on until it completes all the pages and copies. For example, if you were printing three copies of a five-page document with collate selected, the printer would produce something like this: 12345,12345,12345 In contrast, if you print the same document without collate selected, the printer would print all the pages for each copy before moving on to the next copy:111,222,333,444,555

When Should I Use Collate?

whether or not to collate when printing depends on the nature of your document and your preferences. For simple, single-page print jobs, collation may not be essential. Still, for multi-page documents, collating can save time and ensure that your printed copies are organized correctly. Collating is particularly useful when you want to create multiple complete sets of a document, such as for handouts, reports, or booklets, where the order of pages is important.

How To Collate On Your Printer?

The collate option is normally ticked by default. To make sure, check that the collate option is ticked or selected in the print preview or dialogue box that appears when you click ‘print document’, before confirming you want to print.


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