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What Is Label Tape?

Who am I? Label Tape is What?

Hey, everyone.

My name is

Label tape in English.

标签带 in Chinese.

In German, I’m Schriftbandkassette.

In French, they call me Ruban Cassette.

Cassetta Nastro in Italian.

In Spanish I’m Cinta.


Our family members are B, C, D, E.

B for Brother & Brady

C for Casio

D for Dymo

E for Epson

With kinds of color, size, usage.

label tape

My Goal

Make the life colorful and well organized

My Role

1.Daily life use:

  • Kitchen seasoner: Very easy to distinguish salt, sugar, soda,etc after labelling.
label tape for kitchen storage
  • Food expiry date, medicine box-clearly marked vitamin E, vitamin C, cough medicine; two time a day, three time a day.
label tape for food packaging
  • Plug & data line classify: TV, electric fan, router,mobile charging line, computer charging line.
label tape for Data line classification
  • Outdoor picnic with relatives & friends, enjoying the happy times together.
label tape for Outdoor picnic

2.Office use: Paper file, meeting memo, contract

3.Industry field use, such as cable, wire, etc.

My Advantage

  • Excellent printing quality; smoothly ; thermal print technology requires no ink or toner
  • Waterproof, oil resistance, fade resistance, high temperature resistance. Better label, better life.

Warm Tips

Before using, rotate the gear clockwise to tighten the ribbon.

Please do not print continuously for a long time, in case affect the lifetime of label printer and ribbon.

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45013 Label Tape
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