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Which Type of Printer is Best for Home Use?

When you are considering which type of printer is best for home use, you have to ask yourself a few questions:

  • To understand your own needs, what is the purpose of buying a printer?
  • What is your budget?
  • How big is the printing volume? Is it just black and white or color?
  • What functions are needed besides printing? (Copy, scan, fax, automatic duplex, network printing, wireless printing, WeChat or mini-program printing, direct mobile phone connection)

Which type of printer is best for home use

1. Let’s look at the first point and clarify the needs.

When I bought a color inkjet cartridge printer, I printed cards and pictures for my children, and occasionally documents and color photos. The print volume was very small. After printing once, I might not use it for several months. It is best to bring a copy. , scanning function, you should know that the nearby printing and copying shop is far away, it is better to simply buy a printer and put it at home for use at any time.

Based on this demand, I think inkjet printers are more suitable. After all, there is a demand for “color printing”, but inkjet printers used to use ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are expensive consumables. Some brands would rather give you a printer, which can be purchased from the consumables. Make money back. A set of at least four-color ink cartridges costs $100, but it can’t print dozens of pages of documents.

Cartridge-type printers can only replace ink cartridges, but cannot add ink, unless they modify the continuous supply, or punch holes in the ink cartridges to add ink. However, whether it is “punching holes and adding ink” or “modifying continuous supply”, the failure rate is relatively high. At that time, the new ink tank printer was released and it was easy to use at first glance, that is, you can directly add ink for printing.

Although the newly launched ink tank printers are more expensive, at least you don’t have to worry about anything. After a printer is used for 6 to 7 years, you only need to refill the ink once. What a bargain!

If you print hundreds of sheets every day, regardless of black and white or color, I suggest you buy a black and white laser printer. It prints quickly, has cheap consumables, is durable, and can be suitable for large print volumes every day. However, color laser printers are not recommended because color laser printers have small consumable capacity and high prices, making them not suitable for home use.

2. What is the budget?

What is the budget? To put it simply, it is how much money you are prepared to buy a printer. You get what you pay for. The lower the price, the fewer functions the printer will have, and conversely, the more functions it will have. For example, ink tank printers have different prices whether they have an LCD screen or not. The prices of printers that only have a simple printing function and those that have printing, copying, and scanning functions are also different.

It is necessary to make a decision based on the budget. Everyone wants the more functions the better, because no one knows what new needs will suddenly need to be met in the future. If it has all the configurations, it is of course the best, but the price is also expensive! I can’t afford it. If we don’t eliminate some unnecessary demand points, the price will really be unreasonable. Of course, if you have the money, feel free to do so~

3. Ask yourself again what functions you need?

Are copying, scanning, and wifi wireless mobile printing necessary? There is also automatic duplex, which lists the functions you need in the order of importance.

For example, when I configure several printers for my entrepreneurial partners, the order of requirements is: mainly printing A4 and A5 paper, capable of copying, capable of wireless printing, preferably with double-sided printing (not necessary, but very cost-saving), and There are best ones that can scan multi-page documents. Mark these for the listed functions.

4. Understand the cost of consumables

Printers need to be used to print various documents, so the cost of their consumables is very important. If you print a lot and have “color printing” requirements, it is best to use an ink tank printer. If you only print black and white graphics and text, then a black and white laser printer is fine. Of course, if you can add powder or use a substitute toner cartridge, it may be save more cost.



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